Interpersonal communication, how to build a high-end network, win the help of distinguished people?You must have these three stratagems

Interpersonal communication, how to build a high-end network, win the help of distinguished people?Here are three strategies you should have;The really smart people often have these three “tricks” to build high-end contacts and win the help of the VIP.”Stratagem” 1: find your “bright spot” and find ways to magnify it.Connections are different from ordinary relationships. Ordinary relationships can make friends purely by feeling, while the essence of connections is the exchange of interests and values.Especially when you want to create high-end contacts, the first thought, should not be how to get what from each other, but what you can give the other party interests, or if you have any value can be provided to each other, can make use of, or found themselves “bright spots”, this is your chip, with the chip,I hope to build a high-end network.The next step is to find a way to amplify your shining point. By doing this, you can enhance your core value through in-depth study and make your advantages more obvious and prominent. In this way, you can effectively attract high-end contacts and win the help of distinguished people.”Scheming” two: to meet the other side of the psychological needs of pontificate.For high-end contacts, material benefits are not necessarily what he needs most, and it is difficult for you to provide material benefits that make him move. Just like a rich second generation said, “I never look at money when making friends, and he is not as rich as ME anyway.” Therefore, if you rely on gifts and provide material benefits, the effect may not be good.On the other hand, it’s easier to befriend someone if you can give them something they desperately need, like a way to think of themselves as a teacher.In fact, no matter what kind of person he is, no matter how high his status and status are, no matter how rich he is, he always has the psychological need to teach himself well.For example, why do those rich people always emphasize altruism and are always willing to help others? It is not necessarily for each other, but just to satisfy their psychological needs of pontificate.Therefore, when making high-end contacts and seeking help from distinguished people, one of the most important tactics is to take the initiative to consult the other party, and timely feedback to him what you have learned from him, for example, to say what positive changes you have made through him, what things you have learned from him, and thank him for his teachings…It’s not necessarily true, but it makes the other person happy.Let the other side of the psychology of pontificate get very good satisfaction, you will be easy to produce a deep link with the other side.”Stratagems” three: after receiving help from noble people, we should know how to be grateful and repay.Interpersonal communication, building high-end contacts and winning the help of valuable people is a long-term process. At the beginning, even if you spend a lot of effort, there may not be much effect, only one or two words of affirmation and guidance from the other side, or just help you solve small problems.At this time, do not be discouraged, do not give up, because this stage is likely to be the other side of the test you stage, is the other side want to see what kind of person you are.What you should do is, no matter how little the other person has helped you, be grateful and know how to give back, give a gift when it is due, give a red envelope when it is due, give a benefit when it is due, the other person may not care, or will refuse.But by being grateful and giving, and showing that you’re not a loser and that you’re a worthy person, he’s more likely to help you and you’re more likely to actually build those high-end relationships.Good network is the place to come out, to build high-end network, win the help of noble people, is no exception, the premise is that you have to master some interpersonal communication “stratfor”, such as the above three.If you want to learn more about how to build high-end relationships, I’d like to share two more books for you, namely, “Good Relationships are Made by Place” and “All You Play is Scheming.””Good contacts is the place to come out” this book, introduced in detail how to make contacts, especially to create high-end contacts of knowledge and skills, to help you become a popular person everywhere, and help you solve all kinds of difficult problems in making contacts, very practical.”Play is Scheming” is a wonderful, but not limited, interpretation of networking, making contacts, and winning the help of important people. It also shares scheming in the workplace, business, and more.Read this book, not only help to build high-end contacts, but also let you in this society, strongly recommended to everyone, have not read the friends, must not miss!For more exciting content, come to the full interpretation of the wisdom of life

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