Little Elephant goose employee too happy!CEO Dou Yuxiao returned to work to hand out red envelopes, full of human touch

When it comes to the strongest game association in China, everyone will think of small elephant goose for the first time.There are a wide range of games involved, including LOL, King of Glory, CF, CSGO, Peace Elite and other mainstream popular games, among which the anchors include PDD, Small Tuan Tuan, Dasima and others.After the New Year holiday, little Elephant Goose started work with very good welfare, among which CEO Dou Yuxiao gave out red envelopes to everyone, which was really full of welfare.Dou Yuxiao, the founder of little Elephant Goose, gave a large red envelope to everyone at the start of the project.It is also worth celebrating that the staff of Gander Elephant, according to the 2021 annual battle report, are worthy of these bonuses.The data of little Elephant Goose on various platforms, including the data of various games, are all top-stream. In the annual award activities of major live broadcasting platforms, little Elephant Goose is the biggest winner.Among them, naruto, CF, CSGO, League of Legends, King of Glory, Peace Elite and other popular mainstream games, little Elephant Goose MCN organization has a very good influence.Among them, PDD, Dasima, Dreamtears and other anchors all have very good voice and fan groups.Moreover, they have also carried out relevant cross-border cooperation, including map navigation, ridicule conference, Daissima’s fire Wheel of the whole network, Uzi’s comeback and so on, which have very good hot news in the whole network.All in all, the performance of Gander Elephant in 2021 is obvious to all, and it is also a new record year witnessed by everyone. We look forward to even better performance in 2022.

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