Men and women buying houses in the Greater Bay Area: young Shenzhen girls are more interested in money

In 2021, a total of 574,000 new houses will be sold in the 8 mainland cities of the Greater Bay Area (excluding Zhaoqing), and a total of 288,000 second-hand houses will be sold in the 6 cities of Shensui, Dongguan, Fo and Zhongjiang.So roughly, the real estate transaction volume of the Greater Bay Area mainland is also a million units.And what are the interesting buying habits of the millions of men and women?Based on the transaction data of Le Youjia stores in the Greater Bay Area, let’s “count” the things that men and women in the Greater Bay Area buy houses…Although in terms of overall data, the ratio of male and female buyers in the Greater Bay Area in 2021 is 50/50, which is tied, when broken down, men and women in different cities still have their own characteristics.Statistics from Le Youke Research Center show that among women who bought a house in the Greater Bay Area last year, the majority chose an apartment of 60 to 90 square meters, accounting for 37 percent, followed by 90 to 120 square meters, accounting for 35 percent.And less than 60 square meters of compact house accounted for the third, 12%, 144 square meters of large mansions are the least people to buy.The female of different type city, the area that likes to buy also has quite big difference.In first-tier cities Shenzhen and Guangzhou, as well as the new first-tier city Dongguan, women are more likely to buy apartments of 60 to 90 square meters.However, women in Shenzhen ranked third with only 20% of apartments in the 90-120 square meters range, while women in Guangzhou and Dongguan ranked second with 90-120 square meters.Second, 23 percent of women in Shenzhen chose apartments of less than 60 square meters, while in Guangzhou and Dongguan, only about 10 percent of women in the same area bought apartments.After all, in front of shenzhen housing prices, Shenzhen girls also have to yield.In the second-tier cities of Huizhou and Zhongshan, women with larger apartments of 90-120 square meters have no problem with C, accounting for more than 40%, ranking first, and women with apartments of 60-90 square meters rank second.In Zhongshan, where housing prices are relatively low, there are also more women who buy large apartments between 120 and 144 square meters, accounting for 18%, much higher than huizhou.Men in the Greater Bay Area seem to prefer large-area apartments, choosing 90-120 square meters slightly higher than 60-90 square meters by 3 percentage points, but the overall trend is not different from that of women.Men in first-tier cities also prefer apartments of 60 to 90 square meters, followed by apartments of 90 to 120 square meters.Dongguan men to buy less than 60 square meters and more than 144 square meters of housing accounted for much lower than women in the same area, their choice is more concentrated in the middle section.The preference of men in second-tier cities is basically the same as that of women, without much difference. The proportion of 90-120 square meters is several percentage points higher than that of women in the same city.31 to 40 years old become the main buyers in the Greater Bay Area from 91 years old to 1 year old. How is the age group distributed among the customers who have already bought a house?Transaction data of Le Youjia store show that both men and women, the main buyers are 31-40 years old, they can also be said to be the backbone of the construction of the Greater Bay Area.However, there is no difference in the size of the house purchase. According to the data, both those under 20 years old and those over 60 years old bought the house, although only 1%.Among the greater Bay Area properties that Le Youjia sold in 2021, the youngest new owner is 1 year old (given to children by parents) and the oldest new owner is 91 years old (given to parents by children).Interestingly, they both bought houses in Huizhou.Of course, neither of these two ages can take out loans, so they are all paying for the house.We chose shenzhen and Zhongshan, the representatives of the first and second tier cities, for comparison.In Shenzhen, the proportion of men and women in different age groups is basically the same after the age of 31, while the gap between men and women begins to open up after the younger age of 30.In Shenzhen, 1% of the female buyers are under 20 years old, and 21% are between 21 and 30 years old, ranking the second among all age groups of women.The number of male buyers under 20 years old is 0, and only 17% are between 21 and 30 years old, far lower than the proportion of women.Sit solid young Shenzhen girl make money action power.Compared with Shenzhen, buyers aged 21-30 in Zhongshan account for a larger proportion in the whole age group, mainly because the low housing price in Zhongshan is very friendly to young people, and it is easier to “get on the bus”.The purchasing power of shenzhen’s backbone 25 to 45 years old is the backbone of a city’s development, but also the main buyers of the property market.As one of the core cities of the Greater Bay Area, what is the purchasing power of the backbone here?Data from Le Youjia shows that 25- to 35-year-olds in Shenzhen are the most likely to buy a house costing 3 million to 5 million yuan, far higher than any other price range, followed by 5 million to 7 million yuan.Although 35-45 years old shenzhen people choose the most is 3-5 million yuan, but can obviously find that the proportion of high price is much higher than that of 25-35 years old.15 percent of shenzhen residents aged 25-35 bought 7-10 million yuan, while 22 percent of those aged 35-45 bought 7-10 million yuan.Of the 10 million to 15 million yuan, the lower age of 25 to 35 years old accounted for 6%, while the higher age of 35 to 45 years old accounted for 12%, which is also a large gap.It can be seen that older people accumulate more wealth and are more able to buy houses with higher total price.Who says you need to be married to buy a house?From the analysis of marriage status, unmarried or married male and female buyers in the Greater Bay Area accounted for the same ratio, basically 1:1.However, different cities have different performance.The proportion of unmarried home buyers in Shenzhen is 55 percent female and 45 percent male, significantly more women than men.Girls in Shenzhen plan for a rainy day. Buying a house before marriage can help them live and manage their finances, as well as protect their interests after marriage.On the contrary, guangzhou, also a first-tier city, has a higher proportion of men than women.Zhongshan, a second-tier city, has a very similar ratio.The ratio of married home buyers in both first-tier and second-tier cities is 1:1.After all, marriage is to buy a house in the name of family, write husband or wife, the difference is not so big.To sum up, men and women in the Greater Bay Area generally have the same preference for buying a house, but there are many unique details.The most prominent among them are shenzhen women.It is said that shenzhen girls focus on money, in this matter also dare to be the first, get more naturally.Perhaps women in the Greater Bay Area should know better when it comes to buying a house.Article source: music in mianyang, there is a high quality content recommendation is expected to be a new national AAAA level scenic spots with a total investment of 5.1 billion!Feixian 10 projects selected provincial key projects 122 acres of state-owned land signed smoothly!Hongmei River west “labor to labor” contract breakthrough 90%!

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