Nice hammer, Hiby’s new Thor Loop iron headphones

Some time ago, a fish from the seashells mysteriously came to me and asked me if I wanted to listen to the new Thor earphones. Of course I was happy to accept!Hands do feel the headphones are very delicate, sound is also good, but the price is really surprised ~!But before we announce the price, let’s talk about the headphones themselves, lest people say they’re crazy.By the count, the Thor is Hiby’s sixth wired earphone (probably).Headset using direct insert structure, although the size is not big, but is configured with iron mixed voice structure of 1 – the first time a seashell on the wired headset USES the iron ring structure, only a true wireless WH5 before iron ring is configured, but its purpose is different, WH5 DAC divider is used to adjust the headset internal moving coil and moving iron crossover point,To change the overall sound style.But Thor obviously doesn’t have this, so he pays more attention to the difference in sound.Thor uses a straight plug model. The cylindrical shell is made of stainless steel with better hardness and texture, and is equipped with a 0.78 2pin interchangeable wire interface.However, Thor’s socket is different from the female sockets used by SEEDS and The Crystal series. Both of them use a retainer plug. Thor uses a flat-headed female socket with no retainer, so the cables of the two are not common.But this did not affect Thor’s use of Haibei’s own WU1 Bluetooth headphone cable.Straight-in styling is relatively simple, even for users with small ear piercings.But in terms of wearing effect, I think it will be more fitting and not easy to loose and fall off.Besides, Thor itself has a certain stethoscope effect. Although relatively elastic TPU skin has been used in the original manufacturer of headphone cable, there will still be inevitable abnormal sound when walking and moving.Thor uses a two-unit configuration of 1 coil and 1 iron, including a customized 30095 high frequency moving iron unit and a 6mm liquid silica gel titanium-plated microcoil unit for mid and low frequency.This configuration is actually very luxurious for a small body like Thor. In fact, the effect of opening the cavity is really good, with full sound in one ear and excellent transient.In terms of tuning style, Thor mainly considers that it is suitable for the tastes of shinyaki and passers-by, mainly with popular tuning and omnivorous sound style.In the three-frequency distribution, the medium and high frequency are relatively balanced, while the low frequency has a certain increase, so both games and movies can be taken into account.Besides, Thor himself is easy to push, and can push very well when combined with his own FC3 small tail. Moreover, the sound of the two is also very compatible. FC3 itself can provide good sound details and analytical power, while Thor can faithfully reflect the neutral sound bottom style of FC3.However, Thor can even push directly on a mobile phone. After listening to it on an iPhone SE1, Thor is very adaptable and its enhanced low frequency helps compensate for the tuning of “plain water” on iOS devices.In fact, seeing this, IT is not possible to think that Thor localization is at the entry level.In fact, The price of Hiby Thor is only 368 yuan. With the configuration of 1 circle and 1 iron and exquisite workmanship, I think the cost performance is quite high!

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