“See Zibo” has been seen 110 million times. What new experience does it provide for city publicity?

New Year, old year, start again today.In the era of mobile interoperability, new media is becoming the main channel of publicity and the main position of public opinion guidance ability competition.With the continuous progress of zibo’s construction of “Five Good Cities”, the city’s reputation and influence are constantly improving. The positive energy topic represented by “# See Zibo” is becoming a witness of the city’s energy level iteration.On February 8, the douyin topic “# See Zibo” opened under the guidance of the Cyberspace Administration office of Zibo Municipal Committee of the CPC Exceeded 110 million views.As a channel that everyone can participate in to promote zibo, show Zibo and recommend Zibo, stand on the new wind port.In order to tell the story of Zibo and deliver the good voice of Zibo, Douyin and its video account “Kankan Zibo” sponsored by Cyberspace Administration of Zibo Municipal Party Committee were launched in March 2021.Gather consensus on urban development here, find the distinctive beauty of Zibo, and give new meaning to their existence;It’s a place to share kindness and give thumbs up to people and things that really deserve it.In nearly 11 months, “Kanjian Zibo” Douyin and Video have released 321 works respectively, which have been played over 15 million times on the two platforms.Focusing on the key work of Zibo city, the theme of “See qi Culture”, the construction of major projects in zibo city, and the whole park City was launched, which received high praise on the Internet.Major media, “we media” and netizens actively participate, and thus form a hot topic.The work “Aite Your Old Iron To See Shandong’s Early Autumn” posted by Douyin @Anfeng has received 212,000 likes.Government affairs @Boshan public Security work “Heavy rain night truck was stranded stranded on mountain road,” a single work of 88,000 likes.The original RAP of Zibo City was first released on this platform and became an excellent video work leading the trend of public opinion.In addition, local big Vs like @Xuehao Sister @Explosive Yu transferred to Zibo @Shandong Wanghu have made efforts to make the topic “# See Zibo” become a new display window in the mobile Internet era.On July 1, 2021, the “See Zibo” Douyin short video Contest sponsored by The Cyberspace Administration Office of Zibo Municipal Party Committee was officially launched, which was actively participated by numerous self-government accounts, media accounts and Internet big V’s.As of February 8, 2022, more than 600 entries have been received under the hashtag # SeeZibo.Short video creators and Internet celebrity BIG V, constantly create excellent positive energy short videos with the theme of studious, good-looking, delicious, fun and good entrepreneurship.Net friend “learn elder sister” is zibo network celebrity.She told the reporter that Zibo is a tolerant and warm city. With the continuous improvement of the quality and vitality of the city, more and more Zibo culture and Zibo IP have been fermented through the Internet.”Kanjian Zibo” has just become a platform for the city of Zibo to show its charm in the new era of mobile Internet.The city is constantly being updated with a more modern image, iterating and upgrading for the connected age.More and more short video lovers are participating in the # SeeZibo campaign to pay more attention to Zibo and understand zibo, thus encouraging more people to use short video to tell zibo stories.The topic of “# See Zibo” cannot be separated from the support of every zibo lover and zibo advocate.In the New Year, the topic will continue to serve as a platform to showcase the city’s energy, culture and charm.If you are a short video creator or enthusiast who would like to show different Zibo with your mobile phone or professional device, you can join the “# SeeZibo” contest.Here is the whole park city, there are attractive food, here you can record the change and beauty of the city, here you can show the elegant demeanor of workers from all walks of life.Post a short video on the Douyin short video platform and add “# See Zibo”, you can participate in the tide of promoting Zibo, and there will be a prize of ten thousand yuan waiting for you to win.Source: Dazhong Daily

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