Spell it!Spell it!Spell it!Xiang ‘an Bridge will be open to traffic by the end of this year

Recently the xiamen daily open up “the xiamen daily news van go, grassroots hot line, annual lunar New Year” column reporters further on site, production line in the hands of the pen and typical case of camera records to show workers fighting in the first quarter of the moving scene of “start” and their basins in the positions of the Spring Festival xiang yong pioneers when Ann bridge projectComposed of xiang ‘an bridge opened to traffic by the end of target A3 label and rushed to the site is a hot scene construction during the Spring Festival this year, a total of 703 projects builders to yong when “pioneers” go all out to realize project “good start” in the first quarter of orderly arrangement of reinforcement, hundreds of workers work together, one by one, strapping, weld reinforcement of reinforced cohesion,The dust blackened their cheeks, and beads of sweat were visible as they fell.”We spent New Year’s Eve at the construction site, and had dinner in the canteen.During the Spring Festival, there are fewer vehicles on the road and material transportation is fast. Take advantage of this time to complete the construction and open the working surface for the Year of the Tiger.”Xiang ‘an Bridge project A3 target engineer Tian Kexing said.Tian kexing’s hometown is in Tianjin, and the last time he went back was six months ago because of the long distance.”Daddy, can’t you spend more time with me?I say I hate you, but I miss you…”Not long ago, Tian kexing received a handwritten letter from his daughter, many of which were marked in pinyin.Although some sentences were not very smooth, Tian read them again and again.Tian Kexing also misses his family very much, but the work on the construction site is like a group of precise biting gears, which makes him unable to walk away — xiang ‘an Bridge is composed of 1 bridge main line, 10 bridge ramps, 5 ground auxiliary roads and 1 underpass channel, with complicated procedures and tight construction period.Like many engineering workers, Tian did not dare to get sick — from the first day to the third day of the first lunar month, it was rainy and the temperature was low. In order to prevent catching a cold, he prepared many sets of clean clothes for changing.”I haven’t bought new clothes in years.I don t have to dress as well as I can, and I can spend my time on construction instead of shopping.Lin Baixin, the A3 project manager of the Xiang ‘an Bridge project, said that the 12km long Xiang ‘an Bridge is expected to open to traffic by the end of this year, so continuous construction must be maintained at several key construction points of the bridge, even during the Spring Festival holiday.He said the bridge is expected to finish lifting all the sea piers by July and the entire steel box girders of the bridge by September.On the eve of the Spring Festival this year, the project department called on the front-line builders to stay in Xiamen for the Spring Festival, and many workers responded positively.They can obtain labor subsidies from government departments and enterprises. In addition, the labor union of the project prepared a variety of gifts to make the workers feel the warmth of the group and the care of home, so that they can stay in Xiamen and focus on work, which created good conditions for the completion of the project as scheduled.During the Spring Festival, workers from all over the country served dishes of their hometown and enjoyed the taste of “home” together.In addition, the 15 managers left behind by the project department organized the activity of “Stay in Xiamen together, Polish a voyage”, and went to the nearby streets to carry out civilization construction. Colleagues participated in the activity with high enthusiasm, which not only cleaned the street environment, but also made the staffs in Xiamen further integrate into the warm and beautiful city of Xiamen.Create sia construction of phase ii project place in xiamen Mass production is expected in the second quarter yesterday morning journalists to build sia phase ii project in xiamen torch hi-tech zone orderly division of the workers are busy for battery manufacturing project construction in process, battery charging and discharging into the workshop, the workers are laying polymer material on the ground;Into the sorting room, reporters see, workers are assembling logistics lines and mechanical arms and other equipment, a highly automated production line is about to be completed.”The main structure of cSIA Xiamen Phase II project has been capped, and is currently undergoing clean construction and equipment moving in. Trial production is expected to be realized in the second quarter of this year.During the Spring Festival, more than 300 workers worked on the project every day.”Liang Ya, project chief engineer of China Electronic System Engineering Fourth Construction Co., LTD., told reporters that the construction of the Second phase of The Xiamen project of China Innovation Aviation is accelerating. During the Spring Festival, more than 2,400 employees stuck to their posts and realized the production line does not stop.Du Yijun, the main person in charge of brand culture of China New Aviation Technology (Xiamen) Co., LTD., told reporters that during the Spring Festival, the project builders grabbed the construction period and stuck to their posts to ensure the normal construction of the project.In order to let the builders who stay in Xiamen for the New Year feel the strong warmth of Xiamen, enterprises held various activities such as the welcome temple fair.Fried dates, wearing Hanfu, writing calligraphy…On the eve of the Spring Festival, a lively temple fair was held on the basketball court outside the factory.On the scene of the temple fair, the enterprise not only prepared rich local New Year goods in Southern Fujian, but also invited the calligraphers from Xiang ‘an Calligrapher’s Association to splash ink and send New Year’s greetings to the workers.Du Yijun introduced that during the Spring Festival, the relevant government departments introduced measures to benefit enterprises without stopping production during the Spring Festival. Enterprises provided comprehensive guarantee for canteen, dormitory and shuttle bus, and gave subsidies and red envelopes to employees who stayed on post, so that employees could stay in the building and have a happy Spring Festival.The reporter learned that cSIA Xiamen Phase II project will be built into a highly intelligent and green advanced battery and power system industrial base with an estimated annual production capacity of 10GWH and a planned total investment of 5 billion YUAN, which will become a key link in the construction of new energy vehicle industrial cluster in Xiamen.Said managers create sia technology (xiamen) co., LTD. Brand culture principal Du Yijun: to promote the project quality level as xiamen billions of new energy industry project completed, steady progress of the project, cannot leave the xiamen government entities at all levels and the torch high-tech zone administrative committee in such aspects as policy, doing business support and kind concern.All along, the company has been implementing the decisions and arrangements of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government on epidemic prevention and control, and strictly implementing various rules and regulations on work safety. Under the premise of ensuring safety, the company has been doing its best to promote the completion of the project with high standards and high quality as scheduled, contributing to the epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development of Xiamen.Workers said the fourth construction co., LTD. Of China electronic systems engineering project administrator FeiYuePing workers: in the project for half a year Heart full of a sense of belonging I come from hunan yueyang city, it’s only half a year to the site of the project, but build four company and owner side to create a series of warm heart sia move let our heart is full of the sense of belonging, even can’t go home celebrate the Spring Festival,The heart still feels very warm.Csia pays special attention to the staff staying in the building and provides them with logistical support such as accommodation and transportation. We also receive subsidies and red envelopes. My colleagues and I all choose to stick to our posts and stay in the building for the Spring Festival.Xiazhong resettlement housing, Xiahu resettlement housing phase ii construction site project site to speed up the progress of construction from the top of the Hyatt Hotel overlooking the road xiazhong resettlement housing project site wearing hard hats are on the top of the floor to bind the wall column reinforcement “two groups of construction, the speed is a little slow!””We are running out of steel. Arrange the crane to send it down!”…At 8 o ‘clock yesterday morning, huang Jiexiang, the project production manager, was engrossed in the on-site scheduling, racing against the clock to catch the progress.”We are carrying out earthwork backfilling, formwork installation and removal, steel production and so on, these processes are very important, must be fast and good.”Huang Jiexiang from quanzhou have is in the fifth year stay in xiamen the New Year, he told reporters, “at present the main structure has been capped basement, the upper part of the main structure has to 2-6 layer, construction progress compared to the contract time limit for a project has 50 days ahead of time, this is a popular project, everybody is very sufficient motivation, hope project finished early, to strive for residents to move early.”The reporter then came to xiahu resettlement housing phase II construction site xiamen Si total construction 56 workers have been busy on the site for a morning “during the Spring Festival this year, we do not stop to ensure that resettlement housing completed as scheduled delivery.”The construction side introduced that they were carrying out pile foundation, basement and upper main project construction. “The Spring Festival in xiamen is very warm, the site is just like home, we not only had a sumptuous New Year’s Eve dinner, but also received a ‘big red envelope’, the Spring Festival was very full, very happy.”Worker Liu Wenfu said.”We offer red envelopes to encourage workers to stay in xiamen and help the project.”Relevant person in charge of Huli District Construction Bureau introduced that Huli District encourages key construction projects not to stop work, and gives subsidies to projects that do not stop work from January 31 to February 15, 2022 and have more than 50 on-site construction employees per day.Jimei rob period of drainage pipe network in the rain yesterday morning in jimei district si 3 central primary school of drainage pipe network transformation project on-site workers of drainage pipe network in the rain to take over, the backfill construction the project as a mouth filling one of drainage pipe network transformation projects in the si 3 point, since Jan. 20 construction, completed 25 duct disease point, 2 in the rain sewage mixed contact modification,Construction is nearing completion.”Throughout the Spring Festival holiday, we will work continuously and speed up the progress by working in three shifts to ensure that the pipe network is renovated and the road surface is restored before the new semester begins, without delaying the normal teaching order.”Chen Hongbin, deputy manager of jimei City Development agency of the project construction unit, introduced that during the Spring Festival holiday, more than 200 workers stuck to the front line of the drainage pipe network renovation project in Guankou Houxi area.In order to ensure the construction, agent construction units to do a good job of logistics, including for the construction personnel with raincoats, ensure the supply of three meals, organization of non-local staff collective dumplings, so that everyone in peace of mind, warm atmosphere to continue to struggle.Salute to everyone who sticks to their posts during the Spring Festival!Xiamen is more beautiful because of you!Xiamen Daily New Media Center Production Reporter: Xie Jiadii Chen Lu Lu Xiaofeng Zhuang Xiaojing Ying Jie Photography: Lin Minghong Zhang Qihui Correspondent: Chen Yujin Editor: Shi Luwei Duty editor: Lin Yanzhen Xiamen Daily original works, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, rights reserved!

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