West rami princess back to the palace heart, out of 89 years old Siriji when the rescue, was sutida easily resolved

Sirami “ran out of tricks”, moved 89 years old Siriji when the rescue, was easily resolved by Sutida Thai king Maha side confidante many, but the harem appearance level has been straight down, Sirami has become the most brilliant stage.It’s not enough to be beautiful in a place as shocking as the royal family. It’s also a matter of emotional intelligence.West rami princess has been “at her wit’s end”, moved out of the 89-year-old Queen Sirikit when the rescue, did not expect to be sutida queen easily resolved.Sirami has clearly become a thing of the past as Thailand’s harem drama continues to be updated.Sirami, the third princess, has a huge following among the people for taking advantage of her beautiful appearance.However, Sirami has many shortcomings, because she used to be a dancer, the queen mother is not welcome.It wasn’t until she gave birth to Prince Tipangong 16 years ago that Sirami had a name in the royal family and was named crown princess.Can only say that the fairy tale is deceptive, the prince and princess did not live happily together, after marriage, Sirami suffered all kinds of tricks.Now at 51, Sirami is old enough to be a grandmother.Maha Vajiralongkorn’s affection for Sirami, if any, was limited, and his birth mother was at the end of her tether.In addition to the meager feeling of guilt, the Thai king of the heart of the West rami little goodwill left, the relationship between the two sides only through help maintain.Sirami’s most foolish point was to use the poor relatives of his mother’s family, resulting in his own involvement.In addition to many black history before marriage, The performance of Xirami later is really pull the crotch, became the last straw that broke the camel’s back.Indulging in pleasure and shopping, not only damaged his reputation in the royal family, but also left a lot of handles for his rival in love.Sirami has made it clear that he wants to be reinstated, not only for himself but also for the sake of his work, but has been thwarted everywhere.But Queen Suthida was so secure that she had already gained the right to rule the harem that she did not give Sirami a chance.Suthida is now below one man and above ten thousand, which is why Sirami needs reinforcements and expects the protection of the Queen Siriji.Now 89 years old, she was reluctant to participate in the palace struggle, but she had to brace herself up for her son’s sake.During the reign of Sirami, has not dealt with the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, and even with Siriji’s relationship is extremely tense.Now the queen is willing to help her, or to suppress Suthida, there is no love between the two sides.There had been a war between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law, which made the Queen Siriji very unhappy, but Sirami was unaware of it.During King Bhumibol’s seventith birthday, the queen mother not only refused to borrow the crown, but also refused to allow Sirami to dine, according to official photos and videos.Want to let eighty-nine years old siriji when the rescue troops, obviously a confused idea, there is no substantial effect.Suthida is the queen mother’s choice of daughter-in-law, this is tantamount to using the son’s spear to attack the son’s shield, Sirami’s wishful thinking is wrong.In order to curry favor with the powerful queen mother, West Rami also made posters of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, trying to get close.Unfortunately, it made countless enemies, seemingly smart but brainless, and was easily resolved by Queen Sutita.Queen Suthida’s best shot was the ugly photo of Sirami, which was one of the most successful.I thought the King of Thailand would do justice, but the Queen repeatedly tripped me up, and it didn’t affect me at all.All the signs are that Sirami is at his wit’s end, unable to change the situation.Her family were all in prison, and her only son, Tibang, had failed in his career. His relationship with the king of Thailand had grown so cold that returning to the royal family was almost impossible.Readers familiar with the story of Thai palace fights know that King Maha is a good-looking man, and a pretty face is the biggest advantage.The Thai harem now has thirty-three concubines, and Princess Sirami has become a dispensable figure.Fans were anxious to see the mother and son get together, but the reality turned out to be disappointing.The palace was a battle of life and death. It was nothing like playing house. The time of Sirami was over.Expectations were rosy and romantic, but the reality was harsh, and Sirami was simply not cut out for the royal family.Continue to live in the royal Garden, a life of ordinary, this is the former princess Sirami’s final destination.Sirami was the most beautiful woman in the world, but too weak and kind to be a match for Suthida.In order to return to the palace layout for a year, did not expect to be Su Tida easily resolved, help work also suffered implicated, not back to the palace is west Rami’s greatest blessing.

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