0-9.Chinese snooker born a double champion, zhao Xintong final zero wins yan Bingtao, a record five

On January 31, 2022, German masters snooker, two Chinese players play Derby, compete for the final champion, zhao heart child even won nine innings, swept YanBingTao shot to 0-9, the second ranking title winning career, following the kam trophy again after the game, the result is also raised to fans, who have no thought of,Yan bingtao did not win the game this time.This is the first time that the German Masters has two Chinese players fighting for the title. Looking back on the road to promotion of both sides, Zhao Xintong eliminated Mark 5-3 in the first round.Williams, a quick 5-1 win over Tom in the second round.Forde, who swept Trump 5-1 in the third round, beat Ritchie 6-3 in the semifinals.Walton, whose world ranking is firmly in the top 10 after zhao xintong won the UK Championship last year, has become the new leader of Snooker in China.Yan eliminated Gilbert 5-3 in the first round, overcame Selby 5-4 in the second and edged Ryan 5-4 in the third.Day, beat Mark 6-4 in the semifinals.Alan, Yan Bingtao since winning the Masters title, confidence has been improved, not only three consecutive wins against Selby, but also many good results in the ranking matches, the overall performance is very stable, of course, this final performance was not standard, did not play at a high level.Career blowing past, two people each win a split, but I didn’t think YanBingTao in final status and error send gift for many times, by zhao heart crushing, very not easy to hit a shot 60 points, was zhao tong an inning reverse heart, in the first eight innings, zhao heart TongHong out 118, 89 points, 82 points, 74 points, 70 points, 68 points,Get hot and hold opponents down.Chinese player to be zero once final experience, European masters Zhou Yuelong 0-9 by Robertson, in the eyes of zhao tong and YanBingTao strength should be close to, who all have never thought the first half ended, YanBingTao losing eight innings, zhao heart child unstoppable, finished several single pole winner, YanBingTao don’t be to have no chance, or a problem,You had a chance and you didn’t take it.At the start of the second half, many of the fans in the stadium cheered on Yan, who scored two red goals but had no colored balls to connect with. Zhao then made major defensive errors and finished 63-31 to sweep Yan 9-0.Zhao heart child five record of the title, the first German masters zero win opponent players, the second masters Chinese player to win the championship in Germany, the second Chinese player to win the championship, twice in a single season third two Chinese player ranking title, in the end he still win over Chinese player to win the ranking title, the same thing, ding junhui was the only one who do it before.

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