Help you clean up bad credit?Watch out!It’s a new scam!

Scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scamOn November 28, 2021, Mr. Li from Jiangbei, Nanjing, Jiangsu province received a call from a “customer service” employee claiming to be a third-party payment platform, saying that he had a bad credit record due to overdue repayment on the platform, which would not only affect house purchase and car loan, but also affect future employment and life.Because the recent is to buy a house, there have been overdue repayment before, worried about the loan to buy a house, Mr. Li will believe it.”Customer service” told Mr. Li that if you want to eliminate the credit investigation problem, you need to improve the bank’s credit record, so that Mr. Li transferred all his savings to the designated bank account, such as credit improvement, will be returned.Li then remitted all his 75,000 yuan into the bank account.After transfer money, do not see refund tardily, Mr. Li heart gives birth to doubt, hurriedly contact the other side, “customer service” does not mention refund thing, still ask him to continue to download other mobile phone software to carry on operation.At this time, Mr. Li just feel wrong, hurriedly call the police for help.What is personal credit information?Personal credit investigation: refers to the activities in which legally established personal credit investigation agencies collect and process personal credit information and provide personal credit information inquiry and evaluation services according to users’ requirements.Personal credit report is the personal credit history record which is processed and sorted out by the credit investigation agency according to law and finally provided to the legal information inquiry person according to law.What is the use of bank personal credit investigation?Credit report but your “economic id card” oh!When handling credit card and loan business, it is necessary to check personal credit information through the credit investigation system, complete credit evaluation and check whether the business is handled through the usual credit accumulation.If there are bad credit records, credit cards cannot be applied for, bank loans and personal small loans cannot be applied for, and the serious situation will even affect children’s schooling.Since credit investigation is so important, can bad credit investigation records be eliminated if there is credit investigation stain due to overdue?Personal credit investigation system is the data that truly reflects personal credit status.The credit investigation information is transmitted from each bank to the credit investigation center through the special line, and the whole process is operated by computer. Except for the official background, there is no human intervention.Therefore, do not believe these false information because you are worried about the impact of bad credit records on loans, or you will only send money to the cheater!It is better to be honest and trustworthy than to be afraid of bad effects of credit investigation records.Finally, please be sure to remember: all claims can internal elimination of personal bad credit records, are liars!Source: Ministry of Industry and Information Technology anti-fraud special class

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