Huhu sheng feng thousand times also “expedition” to open a big red envelope waiting for you to take

The Spring Festival is over and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.Wear matching clothes for Valentine’s Day!Valentine’s Day valentine shopping, fashion special discount, buy one get one free!Fold on fold, uprooted poor sichuan is not a dream!Single dog also don’t worry, a far year has a big red envelope for you, containing ten thousand yuan props, lucky words got a red envelope can also get an object in the game, oh yeah!First year of the Tiger, full of welfare.The first week of service, all service into service helicopter 40 levels, star drill straight to four star sets.Snow brush experience, first day full class is not a dream!In addition to direct delivery, there is a pre-booking activity for the first service, 10 yuan for pre-booking and 1000 times for refund.10 yuan can take away the gift bag worth ten thousand yuan!In addition, you can also participate in the lucky draw, have the opportunity to obtain rare magic weapon · water beads, epic magic weapon spirit and other luxurious rewards!The reservation price of 10 yuan will increase to 100 yuan after the service starts, now the reservation will save 90 yuan, what are you waiting for?During 19:00 to 19:20 on February 20th, 22nd and 24th, we will go to Qinglong City to hunt tiger xiti Shuilingzhu!Even if can’t get the water spirit bead also has point card, tie gold, go against the wind appearance, magic weapon and so on good thing!In addition, gather brothers together expedition can harvest a lot of props without spending a penny, to the five star set easily, but also like the rare mount – thousand paper crane (permanent).Set up a family expedition together and bring it home!There are only three days left to go!Pass by don’t miss!With all these welfare activities, what are we waiting for?Also quick to move small hands, little appointment, like ten thousand yuan red envelope, the way to find someone to accompany you over Valentine’s Day, Tanabata, Christmas?

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