It is known as the “Pearl of Central Fujian”

Zhuzi Cultural Park scenic spot is located in the south of water, Chengguan Town of Youxi County. Youxi County has a long history, profound cultural accumulation, numerous cultural relics and historic sites, and is the seat of the county government.Youxi County is the birthplace of Zhu Xi, the famous neo-confucianist and educator of the Southern Song Dynasty, and is known as the pearl of Central Fujian.Zhu Xi, styled Yuan Hui, was a famous philosopher, thinker, educator, poet and litterateur in ancient China.He set up a broad and profound system of Neo-Confucianism based on the thoughts of Confucius and Mencius, which had a great influence on China and East Asian society for more than 700 years after the Southern Song Dynasty.With profound knowledge and noble personality, he was another Oriental sage who made great contributions to the history of human thought after Confucius.Zhuzi Cultural Park covers a total land area of 44,000 square meters, with a total construction area of 14,600 square meters.The main body is composed of Shen Lang Zhang, Wen Gongci temple, Wei Zhai Temple, half mu square pond, reading book first, yi Yi place, Kaishan Academy, museum, Zhu Zi gallery relief group, painting gua Zhou, green seal stone and so on. It has become a tourist holy land with rich zhu Zi cultural atmosphere in the hinterland of Fujian.Among them, its architectural style is mainly archaize architecture, and the eaves of the building are very special, which is taken from the local architectural style — “Dragon tongue swallowtail ridge”. “Dragon tongue swallowtail ridge” has a certain practical value in addition to beauty, that is, the discharge of the tip.In addition, youxi County Museum covers an area of 3,605 square meters, with a total construction area of 7,324 square meters. Founded in May 1985, youxi County Museum is the patriotism education Base named by fujian Provincial Party Committee and provincial government, the Second-level Standard Museum of Fujian Province, and the advanced unit of rural culture construction named by the Provincial Propaganda Department.The museum has five exhibition halls, namely, “Zhu Xi’s Holy Relics color sculpture Hall”, “Zhu Xi’s life Exhibition Hall”, “Civil Military Lu Ministry cultural Relics Exhibition Hall”, “Cultural relics boutique Exhibition Hall”, “Red Soviet Area exhibition Hall”.The objects on display are nearly 700 pieces of precious cultural relics, such as unearthed artifacts, jades and pottery from the Neolithic Period, Shang and Zhou Dynasties and Song Dynasty.More than 200 relics from the Red Soviet Area, Zhu Xi and the Civil, military and Lu ministries.

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