Sit tonight to see spurs advance four experience card?

Sunday [5] Tottenham VS Newcastle United [15] Last night Liverpool were the first to experience two and a half hours at the top of the table and tonight Tottenham have the chance to experience what it feels like to finish in the top four for so long.They are currently three points behind Arsenal with a goal difference and a two-goal victory would see them temporarily sit in fourth place for at least a day.When was the last time they were in the top four?Finished the 2018/19 season in 4th place and qualified for the Champions League.Newcastle united, currently 15th in the table, have been in one of their best form since the start of 2022, winning six of seven, unbeaten in nine games and moving from the relegation zone to a nine-point lead in January.However, defeats to Chelsea and Everton in the last two games, plus a goal from everton in the last one, have given manager Eddie Howe a wake-up call that they will take some time to turn things around.Interestingly, it is also a clash between the two biggest players of the winter transfer season, with Newcastle spending more than $100 million and Tottenham taking midfielder Bentancour and winger Kucusevski from Juventus.With four wins in five games, Tottenham’s hopes for the top four have been kept alive by the duo of Harry Kane, who won the MVP award for March with five goals and three assists, and Son, who also scored four goals.Sun Kai connection has been their signature for the past few years, and the real difference this time is the two new players.They all started as substitutes, but Bentangul made his first premier League start against Wolves on 13 February and conte’s faith in him was not dented by the loss and he has started all six of his appearances since.Colou, the younger of the two, started the game after the loss to Wolves, but never gave up, playing seven of his eight starts, collecting two goals and four assists while pinning Lucas on the bench.Moreover, it is worth mentioning that the two men’s super running ability has brought more vitality to Spurs. So far in the Premier League this season, the record of running distance in a single game is from Bentangul, 13.1 km, the second place is Colou’s 13 km.The tactical qualities that he has developed over the years at Juventus, coupled with his relentless running, are clearly what Conte values most.One of the interesting things about tottenham this season is that when they have more than five days to prepare, they have a very high winning percentage.Many of their internationals are back on Wednesday, but the fact that Conte has had enough time to study his opponents is a big plus for them.This field can support them to take “magpie”, experience the good taste of the first four.

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