Stuck in advanced English chapter books?Don’t worry!Check out this 500-word primer

Choose “Boxcar Teenager (Bilingual)” English advanced chapter book, no detour!Many mothers asked in the background, English reading adhere to so long, did not expect to be stuck in the way of graded reading advanced chapter books, can some children like English chapter books.Of course it can.There are so many English chapter books to choose from, such as The Magic Tree House, The Mouse Reporter, The Boxcar Kid, Crazy School and so on. These books are all worth around 500, and each book has its own characteristics and interesting stories.But I would especially recommend the Boxcar Boys, if nothing else, because in 500 words it’s such a funny, lively, easy to understand story, and kids love that, too.The Boxcar Teenager is written by Chandler Warner, an American writer.This series is a household name in the United States, is the classic children’s books, 2007 by the association of American education as one of the “teacher recommended 100 children’s book”, by the United States in 2012, the school library journal as “one of the 100 book chapters children excellent work”, and has sold the global more than 60 years, the global sales of more than two hundred million copies.The author, Chandler Warner, worked as a primary school teacher during the First World War and knows exactly what children like.The story of the caravan boys is full of attraction and positive energy for children.This series focuses on Henry, Jessie, d with benny lost their parents to four children become orphans, they found in a remote forest section abandoned train car, from then on, the car turned into their hearts the perfect home, four children to support each other, they are found in the dump near the abandoned kitchen utensils, made from pine needle bed, with old wood table,A “swimming pool” was even built in the creek.They then embark on a series of adventures.The adventure stories and the beautiful scenery of nature in the book are very attractive, but there is no “King of the Island” “Blue Dolphin Island” “Scar Island” and other works in the worry fear helpless and difficult, which let the children immersed in it, follow the adventure.The four young protagonists in the story are brave, sunny, kind and full of wisdom. Despite difficulties, they always overcome their fear and depression and face the unknown world positively and optimistically.Children can see their own shadow from their body, get spiritual comfort and growth, also let children imagine this and they go to adventure, happen this new and strange story, become one of the charming role!In addition to its attractive story, Boxcar Teenager is the first choice for advanced English chapter books.First of all, the book’s greatest advantage is that it is easy to read.The author of this set of books only uses about 500 words of basic words (English high-frequency words) to compile the story, and the content of each story is nearly 20,000 words, that is to say, the amount of basic words is small, the repetition rate of words is high, and about 15 new words appear in each chapter.And the 500 words, there are 85% of the words with the domestic primary and secondary school textbooks, simple sentence patterns, vocabulary difficulty is not high, the overall reading difficulty is not high, this special friendship for children to learn English, can let the child in the original reading immersion consolidating English words, not only bring the fun of reading, but the brain can be got more memory for words,It is also more flexible to use, which is conducive to English reading ability.Secondly, the bilingual design of “Boxcar Teenager (Bilingual in Chinese and English)” adopts the former part of Chinese, and the latter part of English, so as to keep the children’s complete feeling of reading, and let the children with different English levels choose flexibly.English degree is a little insufficient children, can read the Chinese part first, familiar with the story, when the child is interested in the story, and then began to read English part, so that children will not read long English stories have resistance, more immersed in English reading;If you have a good command of English, you can also go directly to the English section and follow the hero of the story.In addition, there is a surprise, this set of books can be scanned to obtain bilingual audio (Chinese + English), facilitate reading in Both Chinese and English.English audio original taste, very authentic, used to sharpen the ear, improve listening, speaking can be.Interesting plot, coupled with easy to read English level, the children so naturally into the English chapter book reading, choose “Boxcar youth (Bilingual)” English advanced, no detour!

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