The Russian army is on the move!Will Russia rely on China for economic sanctions?

With Russia’s military increasingly out of the ordinary and seemingly determined to deal with Ukraine, and the United States clinging to economic sanctions, why does Putin have to rely on China when it comes to the crunch?As we all know, in recent years, in order to maintain its hegemony and interests in the world, the United States has been committing all kinds of evil acts. It has repeatedly created chaos and destroyed the order of world stability and development, thinking that in this way, it can contain the development of other countries and relieve the pressure brought by other countries to the United States.Recently, the conflict between Russia and NATO has attracted wide attention around the world, but it is also a plot by the United States. In order to reduce Russia’s influence, the United States has asked NATO to put pressure on Russia, and Ukraine is just a tool.They constantly release signals to Ukraine, claim will help Ukraine against Russia, and Ukraine heard such signals, but couldn’t figure it out who he is, launched a provocation to Russia for many times, but there is no successful provoked Russia at this time, because Russia also understand alone ability can’t lift much waves of Ukraine, the United States is the centerpiece of this conflict,So they started actively negotiating with NATO and the United States, but to their surprise, they didn’t even think about negotiating with Russia, and they flatly rejected Russia’s terms, which immediately angered Russia.Recently, Russia’s unusual military operations have become more frequent, and all kinds of heavy weapons and equipment have been deployed in a large area, which makes some Western countries feel very uneasy, including the US. The US State Department recently ordered the families of the US embassy staff in Ukraine to leave Ukraine as early as 24th.The United States is expected to call for a gradual withdrawal of all American personnel from Ukraine next week.In addition, the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine said it had delivered a shipment of ballistic and security assistance to Ukraine.Moreover, the Foreign ministers of the United States and Russia also parted in bad terms. Recently, The United States Secretary of State Blinken once again threatened Russia, declaring that if Russia continues to attack Ukraine, the United States will launch severe economic sanctions.So, the conflict of already can be said to be very strong, Russia is likely in the next period of time, to Ukraine attack, but from the current us all sorts of action, they appear to be not to aid in Ukraine, if Russia really is coming, the United States will almost certainly in the theatre.Analysts say that the U.S. has always considered Russia as its arch-enemy. If Russia fires, it will inevitably impose strong economic sanctions on Russia, as the U.S. has said. What should Russia do then?At the critical moment, Russia still needs to rely on China’s assistance. Now, As a world economic power, China’s development in the economic field is still very strong.So if Russia is subject to multiple US economic sanctions, Putin will have to rely on China to revive Russia’s economy.(Mathenmoon)

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