“The shadow” in the day to the young field, with what counterattack shu Sakura?

Who cares about “Float up” if you really like it?Naruto is warm blood diffuse ah, how was originally ningji’s supporting role and finally forced a wave of female protagonists?To blame only blame atmosphere to there, the young field caught up with the soft sister powder tuyere.From the beginning to chase the shadow of fire, the first time the eyes of the daisutian is that Naruto and daisutian class went out together, Naruto got up at night to see the daisutian moonlight waterfall dance, that moment feel daisutian is still very beautiful, but do not think she has any effect on the plot.Later, the female jack Bauer bath together, a “floating”, like the battery brother’s sentence “impossible to work” like, stepped on a lot of audience point, let the young field immediately became a popular figure.In addition, she is set as a background plate, naruto counterattack witness, all the way to the end, she unexpectedly became the most proud of the female character.In the play got their favorite man, outside the play got the majority of the audience like.Cheong Tian can fame and fortune, it is the words “people than the popularity of the dead”, she is not the protagonist so we do not have so high expectations for her, but any words have a thing can “out of the circle”, the return is big.Sakura is a counterexample in this respect, she suffered from the heroine’s aura, many people in the end hope that she can also be a counterattack, at least to learn from her master, not always around men.Play people’s original content, the whole platform is prohibited to release reprint.

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