Warm heart!Police help people find lost wallets

Actively solve problems for the masses, with the truth to write a warm heart story.Recently, the Binxi police station of Binxian County Public Security Bureau helped residents find their lost wallets.On the afternoon of February 8, Bing County Binxi town residents Ms Song to binxi police station for help, said its private car in binxi town city near the A.D. after getting off accidentally lost the wallet, the bag has bank cards, identity documents and more than 4000 yuan in cash, hope police help find.In the face of the masses for help, the deputy director of the police station Zhang Longsheng immediately led the police Liang Xiao, auxiliary police Zhang Yu rushed to binxi town city near the AD to get peripheral surveillance video.According to the surveillance, Ms. Song got off here by private car, but her purse was not lost nearby. According to the surveillance video of Ms. Song’s cangmai store downstairs, the police found that Ms. Song’s bag fell near the cangmai store and was picked up by two women.The police visited the investigation, found the two women, miss Song lost the bag to find back, the same amount of money inside.

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