What is the principle of straw air conditioning invented in India?Does it really work?

India is a nation with many talents and wisdom. The straw air conditioner invented in India is the product of local materials and cost reduction. It is also available in China.But China does better than India in air conditioning, officially known as wet curtain air conditioning.The straw air conditioner in India is a simplified version of the wet curtain air conditioner, which works exactly like the wet curtain air conditioner.What is wet curtain air conditioning?A wet curtain is a porous paper that absorbs water. When water flows down from the top through this paper curtain, it cools the air by evaporation. Let the air blow through these porous wet curtains, and the temperature of the wind blown out will be much lower than the temperature of the surrounding air.In summer, wet curtain air conditioning can provide about 5 degrees of temperature reduction, and one of the biggest advantages of wet curtain air conditioning is to save electricity.The heat of evaporation for 1 gram of water is 538 calories, which means that after 1 gram of water evaporates, you can reduce 538 grams of water by 1℃.Cooling this way theoretically requires only a small amount of electricity and a certain amount of water.The air conditioner sold in the shopping mall is a kind of wet curtain air conditioner. When you open the back cover, you can see that there is an evaporation plate like a honeycomb hole in the back, which is a wet curtain.The refrigeration efficiency of wet curtain air conditioning is about 100 times that of ordinary compressor air conditioning.The price is 1/10 of compressor air conditioning.Now the power of large wet curtain refrigeration air conditioning used in industry can reach kilowatts, and the air supply per hour can reach tens of thousands of cubic meters.But the use of wet curtain air conditioning is to have certain conditions, the higher the temperature, the drier the air, the better the use effect.Wet curtain air conditioning to consume a lot of water, now our country has many places to ban the use of wet curtain air conditioning.India’s simplified version of wet curtain air conditioning is how to manufacture?India uses straw to replace wet curtain, the effect is certainly not as good as professional wet curtain, permeability, porosity ratio is not as good as professional wet curtain.Without large-scale industrialization, India was robbed of a large amount of wealth during its long-term colonization by The British, and the country’s original accumulation has never been completed. Therefore, India lacks large-scale industrial system and industrial workers to produce professional wet curtains.This is particularly true in manufacturing, which is particularly dependent on skilled industrial workers.The only industry that India does well is the chemical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, because it relies only on reactive vessels and processes.India is a big rice producer and has a lot of straw.A lot of the industrial goods in India are made by small family workshops, so it can only be made like this.The straw is cut up and laid on the ground to form a square straw blanket, which is then covered with a metal mesh to keep it from falling apart, creating a straw wet curtain.For India, straw air conditioning can save a large portion of the population from heat stroke during the summer heat. It can reduce the temperature from more than 40 degrees to 35 degrees, which is unbearable for us, but indians are used to it.Rich families still use regular compressor air conditioners, but the poor can’t afford them, and they can’t afford electricity.So water air conditioning like this straw air conditioning is quite suitable for India.Wet curtains made in Chinese factories cost about 100 yuan per square meter, and the air conditioners are surrounded by evaporators, with blowers in the middle to force air in from all sides.In wet curtain air conditioning, this curtain is the most expensive.After replacing wet curtains with straw, the most expensive ones are iron frames and air blowers. The cost of straw air conditioners in India is only one quarter of that in China.In India, electricity is scarce than water.India has a population of more than 1.3 billion, a land area of just 2.98 million square kilometers, annual average runoff of 1.9 trillion cubic meters, and electricity generation of 1.6 trillion KWH in 2020.India has 1,400 cubic meters of water per capita and 1,200 kilowatts of electricity per capita.Neither compares to China, which has 2,100 cubic metres of water and 5,500 kilowatt-hours of electricity per person.We should remember that India is only 1/3 the size of China and has twice as much water on average as China, and it is fairly evenly distributed.Although India lacks water and electricity compared to China, it lacks electricity more.The electricity price in India is very expensive, and ordinary people cannot afford it. Although the electricity price in India is only 70 cents per kilowatt hour, which is equivalent to 0.7 yuan per kilowatt hour in China, the average income of a family in India is only 1/3 to 1/4 of that in China, so 70 cents is very important in India.Things like air conditioning, which in theory is a quality of life product, are rarely air-conditioned in Europe.In countries with a high Gini coefficient, the most basic necessities account for most of the cost of living, leaving little extra to buy manufactured goods.Straw air conditioners and cars are made in India to match local consumption levels.Wet curtain air conditioning is not suitable for home use.For water to evaporate, not only must there be a certain temperature, but also the humidity of the air be relatively low.Because there’s a certain amount of water molecules in the air that can’t evaporate, that’s what’s called humidity saturation.So an air conditioner like a straw air conditioner, which takes heat away by evaporation of water, is not very effective when the humidity in the air is extremely high.And because the air it blows out is basically full of water vapor, so the humidity is very high, long-term use is not good for the body.This kind of air conditioning is only when the economy is not very developed just use, once the level of economic development reached a certain level, can be phased out from the consumer goods of the residents.Only in some specific open high temperature occasions, there is no way to close refrigeration place, just need such air conditioning, such as high temperature smelting environment.If India’s economy does not reach a higher stage, the straw air conditioner will remain the main cooling device for ordinary people.

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