Yingma School: Does financial Education start from babies?It’s necessary

Many parents think that financial education is about “money”, and they think it is vulgar to talk about money, which will affect their children’s study. Or they think that children don’t need to learn financial management, and they will understand it naturally when they grow up.Some families are especially afraid of children know that they have money, like to children “cry poor”, some families are especially afraid of children know that they have no money, blindly “rich” children……In fact, these phenomena, which are considered reasonable and normal by parents, are harming their children’s future.As a high quality financial education platform, Yingma School will share with you some skills and methods to improve your baby’s financial thinking.First, guide children to have a correct understanding of wealth.When a parent asks a child do you know where the money comes from?The child’s answer will leave many parents scratching their heads.From the drawer, from the pocket, from the bank, they might reply.Only a few children know that money is earned.At this time, parents can take their children to see the hard work of manual laborers, or take their children to collect bottles and sell them for a few cents, so that their children can feel the difficulty of making money and teach them that “a gentleman loves money and takes it in a proper way”.When children are older, parents can encourage them to work moderately, learn how to work with others and develop a sense of responsibility.Secondly, guide children to reasonable consumption.Assist children to make a consumption list and guide rational consumption and accounting habits.If your child is spending more than he or she needs one month, give him or her less money the next month to encourage him or her not to overspend.Raise your child’s financial literacy, teach him some nouns and logic with simple examples, or buy some common sense books on economics, keep an eye on the economics of life.Finally, let your child use pocket money properly.Give your child a planned allowance based on your child’s daily spending budget. Give your child 10% more than expected, giving flexibility.In reality, there are many parents who are busy with business and lack of companionship to their children, but just give them a lot of money, so that children may develop the bad habit of spending money recklessly and comparing with others.Lack of communication, parent-child relationship will not be close enough, take children out to play, accompany him to study, listen to his heart, it is better for the child’s physical and mental health.Parents’ words and deeds, children will see in the eyes, and imitate.The concept of parents, children’s initial judgment of the world ruler, including financial quotient.Parents should help their children establish a correct concept of financial intelligence, cultivate their sense of rational consumption, and create more possibilities for their children’s future!

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