Because too short was rejected by the provincial team, former first guard Sun Fengwu placement sports bureau level annual salary?

Sun Fengwu, for today’s fans, the name is too strange, even many people do not know what he is.But in the history of Chinese men’s basketball, Sun Fengwu is definitely the most inspirational existence.Sun Fengwu was born in 1962 in Jiangsu Province. He liked basketball since he was a child. In 1976, sun Fengwu went to jiangsu Youth Sports School for trial training because of his excellent performance.But Sun Fengwu so reluctant to give up the basketball dream, also visited the Sun Fengwu fate, a year’s time, Sun Fengwu height 12 cm tall, 183 cm, although this is still no advantage, but Sun Fengwu in the second trial, had a chance to show themselves, and with excellent performance on the provincial team.At the age of 17, Sun Fengwu entered the Provincial Youth Team, just like a tiger coming down the mountain, his performance conquered the coach, and within 9 months, Sun Fengwu entered the Jiangsu Men’s Basketball team, becoming the youngest player in the history of jiangsu men’s basketball team.In 1980, at the age of 18, Sun Fengwu led the National Youth Team to participate in the Asian Youth Championship., 20, 1982 – year – old Sun Fengwu became the core of the national team defender, then Sun Fengwu represented in three games, three men’s basketball team to host the 16th Asian games, five Asian men’s basketball championship, three times in the universiade, regardless of the men’s basketball team coach how to change, is referred to as the Asian fans the first defender Sun Fengwu the man must have a core defender, its strength is evident.In 1992, after the end of the Olympic Games in Sun Fengwu chose to retire, retired Sun Fengwu had a chance to official career, it is a pity for the love of basketball, let Sun Fengwu choose to become a sports facilities staff, so he had more time close to basketball, the choice makes Sun Fengwu now without any administrative levels,The annual salary of Sun Fengwu is 280,000 to 300,000 yuan a year.In 1992, Sun Fengwu was sent to Singapore as the head coach of men’s basketball team. After four years of exchange, sun Fengwu returned to China and served as the general manager and experience of Jiangsu Men’s Basketball Team. Later, Sun Fengwu also served as the head coach of China Women’s basketball Team for a time.As he grew older, Sun fengwu was assigned to Beijing Sport University. He began to devote himself to basketball teaching and theoretical research, and continued to contribute to the development of basketball in China on another stage.Pictures from the network, such as infringement, please contact delete

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