Chen Meng and Liu Shiwen love to drink coconuts originally produced in Hainan!Sun Yingsha tired bath towel wipe sweat!

China’s national table tennis team held a training session in Sanya, South China’s Hainan Province, Feb 13, 2018. Key players of the national team have registered for the WTT Grand Slam in Singapore in March and the Team World Championships in Chengdu in April.Sun Yingsha is under great pressure: 1) She came to no. 1 in the world ranking, but she didn’t win the Macau WTT. She needs a major championship to justify her title as no. 1 in the world.2) Japan’s ITO Mimato is in a very good state, released bold words, challenge Sun Yingsha, are both born in 2000 talented girls, the brave face to face win.3) Chen Meng and Liu Shiwen are both former no. 1 players in the world, their mentality is much better, talking and laughing.Sun Yingsha ran 10,000m training, directly wearing a towel to wipe sweat.Chen Meng, however, has fair skin and is really comfortable holding coconuts and drinking coconut juice to relieve her heat.Chen Meng’s little sister is the sparring partner Wang Tianyi. They lowered their heads and blocked their faces with the brim of their hats. In fact, there was no need.There is Liu Shiwen, she is very love and coconut juice ah, Chen Xingtong holding coconut, jujube happy, with a straw to drink juice, that picture is very sweet ah!This time it is not Cha Xiaoxi, ha ha!Liu Shiwen is also wearing sun protection hat, wearing sun-protective clothing, skin color is really better than Sun Yingsha, than Sun Yingsha white ah.Sun Yingsha, Chen Meng, Wang Manyu and Liu Shiwen are all good, Olympic champions!Chen Meng, life is very romantic!I got the doll and got together with Huang Xiaoming and Ren Jialun at home during the Spring Festival. I like drinking tea very much.Xiaobian think: On February 13, After Chen Qi, the acting head coach, left the national coaching team, Hebei Province coach and mentor Yang Guangdi qi assisted Sun Yingsha, which is also Liu Guoliang, Guo Ping coaching staff of Sasa’s favor.Prediction: Sun Yingsha will win the WTT Asian Grand Slam in March and the women’s team champion in The World Championships in April. She will defend her no.1 position in the world by beating Chen Meng, Liu Shiwen and Wang Manyu. She will sweep Japan’s talented girl Mimato ITO 4-0.Is that what you mean?

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