Cili County gaofeng Tujia Township: youth forum to help cadres grow

Rednetwork moment Zhangjiajie, February 19 (reporter) In order to further encourage cadres to take responsibility and promote the growth of young cadres, at 6:00 PM on February 17, Cili County Gaofeng Tujia Township held the first phase of 2022 youth forum, some members of the Party and government and 12 young cadres and workers attended the discussion.At the symposium, the director of the Party and Government Office led the participants to learn the format and typesetting requirements of official documents, and mainly explained in detail from the aspects of the issuance of official documents, rules of writing, format and typesetting requirements, etc., and carried out on-site demonstration and on-site q&A with examples of documents.Then, the forum around young cadres how to grow up quickly exchange.Participating young cadres spoke enthusiastically, expressed their opinions, freely, put forward reasonable opinions and suggestions and confusion in the process of growth, we exchange and learn from each other, the whole forum atmosphere relaxed and active.Finally, the deputy secretary of the Township Party committee of the young cadres put forward ardent hope, at the same time combined with their own work experience, from speak politics, speak study, speak three aspects of the implementation of the young cadres encouraged;And put forward three requirements for the future work of young cadres, one should be steadfast and willing to work, modest and low-key, insist on hard work;Second, be good at thinking, innovation and summary;Three to buckle the first button of life, strictly observe the rules, do not exceed the bottom line, in the peak write gorgeous youth without regret chapter!Next, peak tujia township, will continue to play to the role of the youth BBS, innovation content and form, and to build a “learning” young cadre team, encourage young cadre took to the podium, thinks people share their in your work or in life experience expertise, thus stimulate the enthusiasm of the cadres clerkstarts and passion, to realize rural youth revitalization contribution strength.

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