Clear love comes from Jinan!Winter Olympics opening ceremony tears of soldiers is zhangqiu, love Jinan home visit

A photo of a flag-bearer breaking down in tears as he raised the national flag at the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics went viral on Tuesday night, moving many people.He is Yan Zhen from Shengjing Street, Zhangqiu District, Jinan city.February 10, love Jinan reporter walked into Yan Zhen’s home, listening to his parents tell the story of their child’s growth.

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A photo of Yan Zhen in tears at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics was captured and published by Reuters, and quickly spread widely at home and abroad.Yan Zhen, a member of the PLA Honor brigade, served as an Olympic flag bearer at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.He still gets emotional remembering that moment.”I stood on the flag-raising platform of the Olympic Games, full of pride, thinking of the prosperity of the motherland now, how hard-won, it is a kind of indescribable pride and love, tears came to my eyes…”Here 闫振 was born in 1999, jinan of shandong province zhangqiu area ZhangJia Village ShengJing street people (optimal) transferred to a SAN tai village, this year is the fifth year he came to the people’s liberation army ceremonial brigade, performing the duty of the opening ceremony, he needs to be done in 35 seconds flag action, 闫振 practice 100 times every day from the beginning of the 1 minute 30 seconds to 35 seconds,It was the long and rigorous training that led to the perfect performance on the opening day.Yan Zhen father told love Ji ‘nan reporters, the child’s grandfather is a soldier, before the family has been hanging photos of the don, Yan Zhen saw, determined to be a soldier since childhood.Later, when he saw the honor guard on TV, he became particularly interested in the honor guard, so he began to train at home. In 2016, when Zhangqiu conscripted, he wanted to sign up for it, but as there was no honor guard conscription in that year, he did not participate.”Child never cried bitter don’t shout tired, for our good news not suffer, at first we also watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics, but didn’t think of children in there, my friend found specially send me information, I just found this really 闫振, really didn’t think he really involved in the mission, our family is proud of him and proud!””Yan Zhen’s mother said.In a flash, Yan Zhen has not been home for nearly a year, Yan Zhen’s grandmother expressed her miss to her grandson to jinan love reporter, “although MISS grandson, but the child to the party and the country we are particularly relieved, grandma and your parents are in good health, you can rest assured, you have done a great job, give you praise!””What we have raised is not only a flag, but also national dignity and national pride,” Yan told Xinhua in an exclusive interview.When the Olympic flag flew high with the five-star red flag, his pride turned into tears and flowed for the glory of the country.Chapter grave area veterans affairs bureau party secretary, director shao YuHe line visit 闫振 family in love jinan reporter interviews on the same day, the morning of February 10th, chapter grave area veterans affairs bureau party secretary, director shao YuHe line to 闫振 parents home visits condolences, details about 闫振 parents’ home, ask do you have any difficult need help,”It is the pride of Zhangqiu to cultivate such an excellent hero as Yan Zhen. As a department of ex-servicemen’s affairs, it is our duty to guard the rear area and care for the families of active servicemen. We urge the service stations in accompanying towns and streets to do a good job in providing service to active servicemen.”Yan zhen’s father said that yan Zhen had always worked hard and dreamed of becoming a soldier since he was young.The Winter Olympics gave him a chance to show what he could do.Thanks to the army training, the whole family is very happy.Yan Zhen was very filial. During his years in the army, he trained very hard. The army leaders cared about him very much.Thanks for the care of the party and the government, we must tell our children to have a good experience in the army and add luster to their hometown.

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