Enjoy high quality travel, jiaji platinum car

In recent years, with the development of China’s economy, the trend of consumption upgrading has become more and more obvious. Consumers are no longer blindly “buy more” or “buy more”, but are more inclined to the sense of quality of products, and the purchase of travel products is no exception.Is also affected by this, coupled with national policy support, both large space and comfort of MPV models more and more be favorred by the consumer, and in the face of car such commodities, consumers generally accepted range within 150000, want to choose in this interval with high quality products, it will have to mention on last September, the new geely jia international platinum.First of all, Jiaji Platinum 4706mm*1909mm*1690mm length, width and height and 2805mm wheelbase make it has more than the same level of the body outline, the interior space is therefore more spacious, to avoid the cramped ride.In addition, in the seat layout, Jiaji Platinum standard with 2+2+2 of the six, but also 2+3+2 of the 7-seat layout optional, the third row of seats down can also make more space to place all kinds of supplies, flexible seat layout makes its space has a high utilization rate.Not only that, Jia Ji Platinum model car roof is also equipped with 1.06 square meters of panoramic skylight, bright space for drivers and passengers in the process of driving to avoid the feeling of depression.At the same time, Jiaji Platinum model also has the best sleep-level mute technology at the same level, even in medium-high speed conditions, 1/2/3 row passengers in the car can communicate with normal voice, providing a quiet ride space for the vehicle.Secondly, as an important part of the vehicle, seat comfort greatly affects the ride experience of drivers and passengers.Jia international platinum section chair all are using I – SOFA zero pressure comfortable seat, at the same level of the leading 5 layers of springback design can pop up 1 million particles more comfortable, even if the vehicle meets the bumpy road, also can effectively ease the driving personnel the ups and downs of the body, at the same time, cooperate with one row space headrest, seat memory function of sleep and electric waist adjustment, all-round support the head, neck,Especially for the waist fragile or injury of the driver can play a better support and protection, effectively relieve the fatigue of long-distance travel, each journey for the driver and passenger to bring more comfortable ride experience.In addition, Jiaji platinum also has a series of health configuration, especially in the current epidemic repeated warm heart.First to mention is the five-star level baby close skin texture its interior, the user usually contact seat skin vice the dashboard, the steering wheel microfiber skin, handrails and parts reached nearly 100% coverage, and the car users can direct contact with the fabric of leather skin sensitization, carcinogenic, 114 substances such as formaldehyde and heavy metal content has carried on the strict limit,Especially reduce the risk of cancer caused by allergy.At the same time, considering the contact inside the car interior trim, higher frequency of passengers and goods will inevitably with different contact or bacterium, jia international platinum model using antibacterial interior, take the lead in the car key parts in the epidermis of antimicrobial rate of 99.9%, even if the vehicle is in a state of place for a long time, also can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria breeding, avoid to produce mold and peculiar smell,For the elderly and children who are sensitive to air or have poor resistance, they are more secure.More than the above outstanding performance, Jiaji Platinum high quality sense is also reflected in its driving experience, and when it comes to the dynamic performance of MPV, it has always been reported by consumers too much hope, but Jiaji Platinum is still in this aspect to retain a certain level.Carrying the 1.8TD +7DCT gold power combination with the strongest power in the same class, The maximum power of Jiaji Platinum reaches 135kW and the peak torque is 300N·m. The linear smooth acceleration experience brings a lot of driving pleasure to this car.At the same time, with the chassis adjustment by the International team in charge of Timomati, make the Jiaji Platinum model of fine road vibration filter cleaner, better body control, so that jiaji Platinum model in extremely comfortable and at the same time do not lose the sense of control.Through all the above, it is not difficult to find that, based on the insight into the needs of users to own cars, the rich and comprehensive comfortable configuration of Jiaji Platinum provides consumers with high-quality driving experience far beyond the same level.Under the background of consumption upgrading, Jiaji Platinum undoubtedly meets the “high quality” demand of consumers for products, and is the choice of quality for family travel.

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