“Rise posture” adhere to physical exercise, bring mental health

Physical health is the foundation of mental health, and mental health is an important performance of physical health.Current research results show that physical exercise is helpful to relieve psychological pressure, improve psychological quality, improve mental health and so on.What are the effects of sports on mental health?(1) Physical exercise contributes to the development of intelligence. In the process of physical exercise, a large amount of visual, auditory, proprioceptive and other information helps to learn new knowledge, accumulate experience and improve intelligence.In the physical exercise inadvertently made some extraordinary superb movements and difficult technology, so that its “cognitive response system” to develop.This is a kind of sublimation and improvement of intellectual knowledge structure of sports activities.(2) Physical exercise can cultivate and maintain good emotional experience. The regulation ability of emotional state is the most important index to measure the impact of physical exercise on mental health.Individuals in the complex and changeable social environment, often appear tension, depression, worry and other adverse emotional reactions, physical exercise can make individuals get rid of the worry and pain, reduce the stress level, make the ability to deal with stress situation.Exercise regulates mood because the participants experience the pleasurable feeling of exercise.Taking part in physical exercise, especially those you love and are good at, can make people get fun from it, lift their spirits, and thus produce a good emotional state.(3) physical exercise contributes to the formation of good will quality will quality refers to a person’s consciousness, decisiveness, tenacity and self-control, as well as courageous indomitable and independent spirit, is the sum of stable factors of a person’s behavior characteristics.The quality of will needs to be developed in the practice of overcoming difficulties.Sports participants try their best to overcome the subjective and objective difficulties and cultivate their own good will quality.Eighty percent of the 1,750 psychologists surveyed in the United States said physical activity was an effective treatment for depression, and 60 percent said physical activity should be used as a treatment for anxiety.Clinical studies have shown that engaging in physical exercises such as jogging, walking and freehand exercises can effectively reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression and boost self-confidence.Physical exercise as a means of psychological therapy has become popular in foreign countries.In students, physical exercise can slow down or eliminate the symptoms of anxiety and depression caused by learning and other repeated setbacks, provide a reasonable and effective means for the vent of bad emotions, and prevent the occurrence of psychological disorders or diseases.People’s body and mind are closely related, and a healthy mind comes from having a healthy body.Many times, mental ill-health leads to physical abnormalities that affect physical health.And insist on physical exercise can not only enhance our physical fitness, but also promote mental health, has a positive effect on our physiology.END. Source: health monkey collation from the network, infringement delete

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