Skiing to Ningshan, taste Ningshan mountain treasures

On February 14 to 19, skiing in the eighth congress of shaanxi province (2021-2022 in shaanxi province cross-country skiing open) in shaanxi province 17 games (teenagers) cross-country race will be in GuangHuo NingShan county town of snow project training base, the event is in shaanxi province with the largest scale and highest level, affecting a wide range of comprehensive sports games.The snow training base of Ningshan County is the training ground for national athletes of Beijing Winter Olympic Games. With the opportunity of ice sports being hot during The Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Ningshan County has seized the opportunity to hold this event in our county.Combining the opportunity of this competition, Ningshan County Economic and Trade Bureau and Ningshan County E-commerce Service Center will hold a three-day “Consumption Helps Spring Festival Action” featured products exhibition and trade fair during the competition from February 15 to 17.This fair will invite local live broadcasting and goods experts to carry out live broadcasting and goods activities on the Platform of Douyin. At the same time, we will invite famous Internet celebrities with millions of fans in the province to come to the scene. We will carry out live broadcasting and publicity for the brand “Ningshan Mountain Treasures” and local featured agricultural products, and carry out online and offline promotional activities of “Buying mountain treasures by snow and ice”.”Ningshan Shan Zhen” is a public brand of Ningshan County, which is located in the hinterland of Qinling Mountains and has the reputation of “Green Capital of Ningshan, the heart of Qinling Mountains”. It is free from hot summer and cold winter.Relying on the good ecological environment of Qinling mountains and high-quality forest soil resources, high organic matter content, no industrial pollution, especially suitable for the growth of wild plants and high-quality forest products.Lentinus edodes, auricularia auriculata, porcini mushrooms, White mushroom, gastrodia elata and so on choose the high quality natural tree branches as the cultivation base material, without adding any chemicals, in the clean air, water and soil environment, the natural growth cycle is longer, rich in nutrition, delicious taste.Through this activity, we want to let more products out of the Qinling mountains to the whole country, for more consumers to bring health.It is hoped that consumers will support the purchase of “Ningshan Treasure” series products. While enjoying the pure, pollution-free and high-quality agricultural and forestry products in Ningshan, you will also promote the development of ningshan agriculture and forestry industry through “consumption assistance”, build a beautiful Ningshan together, and realize the grand blueprint of rural revitalization.Statement: This article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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