Unmanned aerial vehicle becomes “new farm tool”!Jimo spring ploughing scene took the picture

Qingming before and after, melon and beans.The spring ploughing in the fields began again.Next to farmland in Jimo’s Daxin street, propellers buzz as a plant protection drone soars into the air. The drone glides over the green wheat fields, spraying a fine mist of liquid below.Yuan Shige and Wang Chenglong, who stood on the field, skillfully controlled the uav and completed the flying defense operation of more than 20 mu of wheat farmland in just over 10 minutes.In the wave of agricultural science and technology and modernization development, plant protection UAV has become a “new agricultural tool”, which not only greatly improves the efficiency of agricultural operation, but also enables many “new farmers” to add new skills, and promotes the birth of many “flying hands” farmers who control plant protection UAV.(Qingdao Daily/Sea View News reporter Zhao Jianpeng, responsible editor Fan Rong) To plant protection DRONE filling ready to spray pesticides.Yuan Shige and Wang Chenglong carry a plant protection drone to the edge of the field.Yuan Shige opens the folding arm and propeller.Remote control and UAV frequency adjustment before take-off.Get ready for takeoff.The plant protection uav enters the fly – proof farmland area.Plant protection drones are 30 times more efficient than traditional manual spraying.

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