30 years of nothing, CAN I just live

30, does nothing, can I just live we open social software every day a lot of beautiful people move to open eyes to teach you how to become beautiful, a lot of people who win on the starting line bask in a lot of very successful people share happiness w experience where they are winners in life, what all don’t lack in themselves, almost 30 years old, peers are walking around, love work,Talk about marriage marriage seems to only oneself still stay in the time of ten years ago, the joys and sorrows still look forward to the partner did not appear on the face, still mediocre, love to think for a long time can not come up with a “I live a good failure ah” you are not so think?The universe was born 14 billion years ago and human civilization is only a few thousand years old. Everything in the world was made up bit by bit in the process of starting from nothing. It’s not necessary for everyone to be a hero.But found that was a long time before the age of 18 have found all the don’t know since when, older single people will become married people to vent window they will let you experience after marriage ahead of a feather, earnestly to teach the so-called “people” after, not to get married so early, cherish the time now, is pleasant:Flowers and sunshine huai bamboo hemp fan of little sister: I once thought, love, marriage, children, the phase I leave according to age and it is found that is too tight, until I get married and have children out from the life, I suddenly found that my life will be infinite, and comfortable and even sometimes too live too long boring lonely.My wish now, is to be admitted to graduate school, engaged in work related to this major, their own efforts, earn a house of their own, have a small family of their own, to be an independent girl, do not need to be more successful and excellent, as long as I can live in life with their own heart good bili_73759193527:Living where we’ve been taught to succeed, we’ve forgotten that in other parts of the world people are simply happy.It is said that people should go through three stages, admitting that their parents are ordinary, admitting that they are ordinary, admitting that their children are ordinary.I’m already going through phase two.And maybe the world you see on the Internet isn’t the real world, either, but someone wants you to see it the way you think it is.12379465635: To tell the truth, I have been confused, or in the first twenty years I have been confused about the purpose of living, and no one told me how to live, what kind of life.Until I read a sentence once, he said that people live to experience the beauty of those who have never experienced.Different stages of life experience different beautiful things, maybe there are many beautiful things waiting for me in the future, so look forward to the future will not be so confused.”I thought I would go to see the mountains and the sea, sunset afterglow, unexpectedly, to the sensible age, still looking for their own way” found it?No matter in what age, what stage, will have different worries and anxiety for grades at school rankings and anxiety, distress for a promotion and pay increase at work, and urge marriage, parenting and family relations of various anxiety it won’t disappear, how to face and resolve the problem is we should think about age, it is only after the years trace, be confident and positiveMake peace with yourself and love yourself again. If you feel lost, I recommend reading this book

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