Fujian province will recruit 4,057 civil servants in 2022, with nearly 50% of positions open to all genders.

Fujian province will recruit 4,057 civil servants in 2022, with 54 percent of positions having no gender requirement.In this recruitment, 1,186 male positions are available for 1,510 people.Accounting for 33.75% of the overall posts, 430 female posts, 480 recruitment, accounting for 12.24% of the overall posts, the number of people accounted for 11.83% of the overall number of people.Male job distribution Gender Requirement – Number of male Job Recruitment Fuzhou 95155 Longyan 105145 Nanping 156179 Ningde 148169 Pingtan 44 Putian 5262 Quanzhou 112144 Sanming 169179 Xiamen 6982 Provincial direct 171268 Zhangzhou 105123 Total 11,1861510 male positions are mainly distributed in provincial direct,Three, nanping, Ningde, Quanzhou, Zhangzhou and other places.Distribution of female positions Gender Requirement – Number of female positions Number of female positions Zhangzhou 7282 Quanzhou 6370 Nanping 5758 Longyan 5156 Fuzhou 4557 Ningde 4245 Sanming 2829 Xiamen 2629 Putian 2528 Provincial straight 1621 Pingtan 55 Total 430,480 female positions zhangzhou had the most, Quanzhou followed, and Pingtan had the least.More fujian province examination information, civil servant examination guide, welcome to pay attention to the public examination map.

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