Hidden Stone Appreciation 11: Dragon Carrying Toad

2009.9.27 appreciation: In general, a stone can only show one image.But this strange stone is a special case, it shows the dragon and golden toad two images: dragon body slender, vigorous, and golden toad is full, rich;Dragon head, mouth, swing Angle, turn, showing the shape of clouds and fog;The golden toad, on the other hand, had his head flat, his eyes narrowed, and his waist hunched, showing a cautious attitude.At the same time, these two different images can bring different aesthetic experience to viewers: The Divine Dragon is vigorous and combative, showing the magnificent;On the other hand, Jin Chan is modest and prudent, without arrogance or rashness, and displays beauty.2017.10.3 appreciation: Fog lock blue sky gives birth to the sea, clouds help red sun climb yingtai.This moment, should be the world’s new king!Shenlong pack toad, Lingbi qing stone, 132*52*83 cm, Lu Peilin Tibetan

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