How similar can atavism be?The son looks like “grandpa”, mother saw only feel very tired heart

We know that children’s looks and height are inherited. Some children look like their mothers, and some children look like their fathers. But there are some children who look neither like their fathers nor their mothers, but very much like old people.For example, Pan Changjiang teacher and his grandson, and Bao Beier’s daughter looks like grandma, these “generational inheritance” as if children and old people share the same face, but bitter mom and dad are very helpless.How similar can atavism be?Son looks like “grandpa” the Internet is a treasure of a mother, their children are born, weenose a and don’t look like, just beginning to feel the child no longer open, can see a bit bigger, but as children age, children, or a more read more and I don’t like, not only such, and the husband also don’t like, but with a bit like home and the old man.Especially when the child is a little older, the brows look more and more like the child’s grandfather, although the face is not very obvious, but the eyes look more and more similar.His father-in-law’s skin is relatively dark, and his child’s skin is not white, uncle and grandson together, you can see it is the father uncle and grandson, this mother is more helpless, their children did not inherit their own advantages, this is also a kind of regret!Some netizens joked: “From your child, it seems to see your father-in-law when he was young. After this, I may have a psychological shadow on the child, how to get down to mouth.”However, there is nothing embarrassing about this situation. Children grow up with their elders, which shows that the family heredity is strong and the family looks very cordial together.What about “atavism”?What traits do you inherit?To put it simply, atavism is that in three generations of a family, the first generation and the third generation have some similar phenotypes, the old generation and the children have some similarities, and these characteristics are not reflected in the parents, some inheritance, some recessive genes become dominant genes, so the children look more like the old people.The most obvious is “appearance”, followed by “skin color” and “figure”. We are naturally happy to see the inheritance of advantages, but there are also some bad aspects in the inheritance of generations.First, obesity not only looks ugly on the body shape, but also may bring certain potential dangers to health.For example, some overweight old people, if inherited from another generation to the child, then the child’s chance of obesity may also increase, so if the family elders have fat, parents must pay attention to the child’s weight problem.Second, genetic diseases are the last thing we want to do as parents, but in fact, “genetic diseases” do exist in the past generation, for example, in some elderly people, the parents of the generation skip over, but the result is in the children.More typical like “mental illness” “hemophilia” “color blindness” and so on, so when planning to be pregnant, we must know in advance whether there is a family genetic history, do a good job in related aspects of work, for the child’s future health more consideration.After all this, does it seem like atavism is a good thing?That is, of course, if there is an inherited advantage.However, parents should not have any psychological burden, the child looks like the elders is not a big deal, in our hearts, the child is always the heart, is the crystallization of your pregnancy in October.Normal heart treat “next generation heredity” baby!First, take care of your children the way you should take care of your children. Some precious mothers feel that they have worked so hard to give birth to their babies, but as a result, they look like the elderly, so it is inevitable that they have a taste for them. However, don’t take it too personally.We should not discriminate between those who look like us and those who don’t just because we have a second child. This is not fair to our children and will easily hurt their growth. We must treat all children alike.Nowadays, parents are more and more busy with work. Many people leave their children to the elderly. In fact, parents should spend more time with their children.The elderly can only help to see the children, take care of the next three meals a day, is related to the child’s education and growth, or parents have to worry more and pay more, we are the guide on the road of children’s growth.Interactive topic: Do your children inherit the characteristics of their elders?I am light snow mother, a 90 after treasure mother, pay attention to me, share scientific parenting knowledge every day!

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