Not good!Sun Yingsha new coach appearance, people worry about things in the back, Chengdu world Table Tennis championships difficult to win

Oh, no!Sun Yingsha’s new coach appears, but the worst is yet to come!Sun Yingsha won the gold medal in Paris Olympic Games.As we all know, the Singapore Grand Slam will be held in March this year, with the qualifying and official tournaments lasting 14 days!The top 50 players in the world go straight to the race!Therefore, Fan zhendong will have to think carefully if he wants to beat Ma Long, Calderano and Okcharov to win the gold medal. According to the historical records, Fan zhendong has not lost to Calderano, but also in the Tokyo Olympic Men’s team final, he fought with Okcharov in a tight match and only narrowly defeated him in the final tiebreaker.Malone needless to say, were it not for Malone age problem, I’m afraid the national Games and world Table tennis championships last year or belong to Malone!Therefore, if Fan Zhendong wants to win the championship, it is very close!And Sun Yingsha wants to win the grand Slam singles champion, also very difficult!First, she lost the silver medal to Chen Meng at the Tokyo Olympics.Then in the National Games and world Table Tennis Championships, were swept by Wang Manyu, won two silver MEDALS!Wang Yidi was once in half a month time, sun Yingsha swept out twice!Sun Yingsha also lost to Liu Shiwen in the semifinals of the Macau Championship, no final!And du Kai, who is on the rise, swims Wang Manyu round.So, in this grand slam, Sun Yingsha to win the grand Slam singles championship, really difficult!What’s more, you do not know, Japan’s ITO Mei Cheng has targeted to study Sun Yingsha!Sun Yingsha can hardly win a Singles title in the Grand Slam tournaments. Another important factor is that Chen Qi has left the National team, which is surely a considerable blow to Sun Yingsha.Because since Huang Haicheng left the national team, Sasa has been groping to the WTT World Cup on their own, it is not easy to play in the World Cup Finals and Macau Championship Chen Qi has been coached twice, but recently kill God but because of personal reasons left the national team, Italy difficult to ping!At this grand Slam tournament, with the best players from all over the world, sasha would be at a disadvantage if she didn’t have a coach at her side to advise and encourage her.Unlike Chen Meng Ma Lin in the field, Wang Man Yu has xiao Zhan for her tactical layout!However, fortunately, in this hainan training, Sun Yingsha has Yang Guangdi’s company!Obviously, this time we really want to thank Liu Guoliang, because in the face of such a fierce competition, in order to make Sun Yingsha not suffer a loss, it is also considered as a temporary coach for Sun Yingsha!And this temporary director coach is also very familiar with Sasa, because Sun Yingsha is in the Hebei team was brought out by Yang Guangdi, regardless of sun Yingsha’s personality or style of play, Yang Guangdi is very understanding, is conducive to targeted guidance sasa!But the worst is yet to come!Sun Yingsha has a new coach, Yang Guangdi, who will not be underdog in the grand Slam tournament, but this is only a temporary new coach!After a Grand Slam, Sasha will be in a free-range state again!Because the coaching team of China Table Tennis only hired Yang Guangdi temporarily as the head coach of Shasha, Yang Guangdi will return to his provincial team after the grand Slam!Because that is Yang Guangdi’s official position, official salary place!As Chen Qi, a Native of China, is known to be able to play on the men’s team salary before he left the national team, when he coached Sasha Tasha in the World Cup Finals.Therefore, on the surface, Sun Yingsha has Yang Guangdi’s guidance in this Grand Slam, which is a good thing for China Ping!However, such temporary coaching can not guarantee shasha’s outstanding performance in the chengdu World Table Tennis Championships, a slight mistake will be Chen Meng or Wang Manyu reverse points, lose the world no. 1 position!If Sasha had been an interim coach, the Paris Olympics would have been in jeopardy.

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