The cross-country skiing venue will welcome its first gold medal the medical support team is ready

The national Cross-country Ski Center will host the first official event on the afternoon of February 5, the women’s 15km double chase, which will produce the first gold medal of the Winter Olympics.In order to ensure the safety and smooth progress of the race, the medical support team of the cross-country ski center has carried out more than 10 drills, both large and small.Gao Yu, medical officer of the National Cross-country Ski Center, said, “The key drills included the connection of emergency procedures and command systems. We carried out an all-factor drill, which simulated the injury of an injured person on the ski slope, transferred him to a medical station for treatment and classification, and then transferred him to a designated hospital.We also rehearsed other aspects, such as the treatment of patients with fever and COVID-19 positive, as well as the treatment of myocardial infarction and major trauma, according to different injuries.”Gao yu’s team also prepared for the type of injuries common in cross-country skiing, ensuring that the injured athlete could be reached within four minutes and transported to the medical station within 10 minutes.”It’s mostly common injuries, ligament damage, joint damage, fractures, open trauma bleeding, asthma.If an athlete has asthma, the first thing to do is to get oxygen, but if it’s not life-threatening, we need to quickly move to a medical station for further treatment.”The medical support team of the National Cross-country Ski Center consists of 84 people, 64 people in the closed loop and 20 people outside the closed loop.

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