The wife’s ex-boyfriend is black, the husband is very entangled after knowing, he needs to divorce

A few days ago, a colleague of mine told me some Revelations about his cousin and his colleagues helplessly say, some time ago his cousin borrow money from him, the reason was the wife angry back, have to spend 30000 yuan CAI li to home, colleagues said, my cousin married, aunt and uncle have the bride gave 68000 yuan, is also the first time I heard such wonderful work.His cousin, Hu Yilong, 28, used to work for a foreign trade company in Beijing. He met wu Lili three years ago when his cousin was assigned to the company’s Africa office.On the vast African continent, they got to know a fellow countryman, a beautiful woman, customs in a foreign land, and the feeling of missing the motherland, which brought the two young people quickly closer. Hu Yilong once said to his colleagues:First met li-li wu is in a Chinese restaurant, li-li qi working there at that time, accidentally spill the soup to him, opened up a lot of journey, two people left a contact with each other, finally has quickly become friends, men and women in exotic locales, li-li wu and Hu Yilong always help each other.In Hu yilong’s eyes, Wu lili is tall, sweet and intelligent, and his marriage with her is a blessing from God.A year later, Hu Yilong company is ready to return in his country to action, finally li-li wu followed together back to home, in the second year in two people in their hometown in hunan province held a grand wedding, in the eyes of my relatives and friends, the male talented woman of beauty is a match made in heaven, and soon after her marriage, however, once the company annual meeting, one former colleague drink no more minds about li-li wu in the past,At this time, Hu Yilong knew that Wu Lili had married a black man in Africa, although only for a short half a year, but this experience before marriage, Wu Lili did not tell him, Hu Yilong felt very uncomfortable in the heart.After a year of marriage, smooth gave birth to a boy, li-li wu colleague said Hu Yilong home economic conditions is not very good, the parents are peasant, in order to give Hu Yilong marry daughter-in-law, spent all his savings in the home, the child is born, li-li wu encourage entrepreneurship Hu Yilong resigned, after all is a person, the best way to realize the value of life in his wife’s encouragement,Hu quit his job, scraped together 500,000 yuan, opened a clothing store in Beijing, and started his first business.When colleagues say, cousin to his business, he was trying to dissuade, entrepreneurship and job, after all, is not the same thing, but his cousin don’t listen to persuade, no colleagues expected, cousin’s clothing store only lasted for half a year is declared bankruptcy, hundreds of thousands of yuan a boondoggle, the couple began to quarrel frequently complain about each other and had a quarrel, in Hu Yilong flay said to li-li wu:Do you think I don’t know, you are the old black eat the rest of the meal, I can like you already good, think of those black I feel sick.Then she packed up her things, took the children and went back to her parents’ home. Hu told his colleagues:Actually when finish the sentence he began to regret in my heart, but if you can’t take back, spit out after half month, Hu Yilong return to hunan mother-in-law home, going to take back his wife and children, li-li wu, however, to take their children to hide, in desperation, Hu Yilong can only be a person back to Beijing, while another year, the end of 2019,Hu Yilong bought a lot of gifts, and first returned to the mother-in-law home to pick up his wife and children, this time he finally saw Wu Lili and children, more than a year did not see, Wu Lili is obviously a lot of fat, when leaving, the child is still a baby in swaddling clothes, now has begun to run around the world.When Hu Yilong entered the mother-in-law home, suddenly saw a man surrounded by li-li wu’s side, two people talking and laughing, befriend Hu Yilong, intentionally or not, and his wife, but each time is hot face against cold ass, one afternoon, Hu Yilong request in front of old father-in-law and mother-in-law and his wife forgive, li-li wu remained silent for a moment, said:You give my family 30,000 yuan more, I will go home with you, or we two divorce.Hu Yilong don’t know which a wife this is too much, when two people get married, parents took out their life’s savings, CAI li alone spent 68000 yuan, children are now nearly two years old, and his wife and coerce, CAI li phase Hu Yilong think it doesn’t in the past, but in order to defend the family, finally crustily skin of head to his wife’s condition.Colleagues said.When he finish listen to my cousin’s statement also feel incredible, then colleagues talking about the past shake table siblings, when several li-li wu to Beijing to go to university, have a South African black students sing in the class, not how long it will capture the li-li wu, winter vacation, li-li wu came home with a black boyfriend, neighbors are pointing behind,She often shows her love with her black boyfriend in front of everyone. Only her parents are sighing in the background.After graduating from college, li-li wu despite family opposition, decided to settle down and black boyfriend to Africa, in Africa, however, li-li wu found that black boyfriend is not imagination of so perfect, two people get married less than six months, the black boyfriend had another new sweetheart, begin to snub li-li wu, li-li wu afterwards just know, originally South African man three wives four concubines is normal phenomenon,Li-li wu could not accept this reality, six months after two people get a divorce certificate, because without a face to the family, li-li wu can only be a person to stay in South Africa to work for a living, until one day I met Hu Yilong, li-li wu fear Hu Yilong care about looking for a black boyfriend, so from love to get married, she didn’t dare to tell Hu Yilong her past.When Hu yilong thought about his wife’s past from a colleague’s mouth, he would be deeply upset. He could not accept the fact that his woman had a black boyfriend. His colleague said that his cousin eventually decided to divorce Wu.

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