Us chip giant Micron is taking away more than 40 Chinese employees because it is afraid of competition?

Micron technology is dissolving its 150-person DRAM division at its Shanghai R&D center and has selected more than 40 core developers to offer technology immigration qualifications to the United States, industry sources said on January 25.The news infuriated everyone, indicating that American technology companies are adopting a high level of defense against Chinese companies, which should be on China’s guard.It is the first time a major American company has closed offices and encouraged core Chinese workers to emigrate.Micron has acknowledged that the reshuffle is only for the DRAM design department of the design Center, affecting about 100 employees. The transition is expected to be completed by December 2022, and the rest of the Shanghai Design Center team will not be affected by the reshuffle.It didn’t say whether it would encourage Chinese workers to emigrate, but there’s no smoke without fire, so there’s definitely something going on.Micron must be stuck in a bygone era where the Chinese think it’s superior to save trouble in the US.In fact, this concept is outdated.China’s per capita GDP exceeds RMB 80,000 yuan, which is usd 12,551 at the average annual exchange rate. Although it has not reached the lower limit of the per capita level of high-income countries, it is close to it year by year.In 2021, China has surpassed the world’s per capita GDP level. According to the preliminary calculation, the world’s per capita GDP in 2021 is about $12,100, while China’s is $12,500.Moreover, not all economists predict that it is highly likely that China’s GDP will surpass that of the United States in the next decade. China’s economy is getting better and better, so why are they foolishly superstitious about the United States?While the US is shockingly serious, with 75.48 million cases and almost one in four people infected with COVID-19, China is very safe.What is America’s attraction at a time like this?What Chinese would want to go to the US to get sick?

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