Changan Auchan X5 helps you get rid of pre-holiday syndrome!

Spring Festival is coming, the body in the post of “workers” have been anxious to return.At this time, “pre-holiday syndrome” may have quietly arrived, for example, to grab tickets and epidemic factors may lead to the anxiety of not being able to go home for reunion;Want to work well before the holiday but the body has already entered the holiday state…Don’t be nervous, this journey before the holiday, let Changan Auchan X5 super sensory strength to help you full of vitality, get rid of the pre-holiday syndrome!When you are anxious, you should relax and find yourself.Changan Auchan X5 rigorous NVH test, fundamentally targeted noise testing and improvement.More use of a variety of mute technology, 107 sound insulation treatment, let you whether in the city of high speed, or in cement road, rough asphalt road driving, Changan Auchan X5 can use the best scheme to design the body structure to ensure NVH performance of the body, noise barrier in the outside, for you to create a quiet driving space.At the same time, Changan Auchan X5 also uses PM0.1 high efficiency compound antivirus filter core, which can ensure that the particle filtration efficiency of 0.3μm reaches 97.7% or more, with “anti-allergy layer, high efficiency gray layer filter layer and high efficiency activated carbon layer” three layers of filter, layer by layer purification,Effectively block droplet, dust, aerosol and other harmful substances to the human body, all-round protection of the air quality in the car, to provide you with a more healthy and comfortable space.When you are in a irritable mood, you may as well call “Xiao Ou” and click on a favorite music and sing a song. The car has the first mik-free karaoke function, which covers the front and back seats completely, without holding a microphone, you can experience immersive singing like in KTV.Tired of singing, open the track mode, experience a racecar-level audio-visual shock effect, feel the charm of racing speed and music with a sense of rhythm, feel the fun of intelligent driving, all troubles are left behind, come to a deep spiritual baptism.Negative moments call for moving forward and rediscovering your love for life.Changan Auchan X5 is equipped with a new Blue Whale NE1.5T high pressure direct injection motor, with a maximum power of 132Kw and a maximum torque of 300N·m. It achieves the fastest and strongest power at the same level and the fastest acceleration of 7.79 seconds at zero hundred.Under the use of urban traffic lights, changan Auchan X5’s violent acceleration makes people excited and happy, and its acceleration performance can be called “the king of traffic lights starting”.Matching blue Whale 7 speed wet dual clutch transmission, advanced technology, quick shift, abundant energy, let you always experience the adrenaline surge of passion driving.The surging and smooth driving experience can shake off depression and motivate you to go forward.With the help of Changan Auchan X5, you will be full of energy during this journey before the holiday

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