Conceded a king, still 4-3 penalty shootout elimination of former world champion Japan team, Chinese women’s football team good

No one expected the Asian Women’s Cup semi-final between China and Japan to be staged in its current form.And the process of the game is really like a drama, with an opening, a foreshadowing, a climax and a perfect ending.And this drama, the beginning of the plot from the Chinese women’s football team and The Japanese women’s football team in the past six years of combat results began.According to the records of relevant experts, The Chinese women’s football team has never defeated the Japanese women’s football team in the past six years.Of course, this is because the other team once stood on the podium in the Olympic Games and won the championship in the World Cup, which is enough to show the strength of the other team. It is indeed a normal phenomenon that The Chinese women’s football team lost to the opponent in the trough and climbing period in the past few years.But it is this rivalry that makes this Asian Cup semi-final all the more interesting.Will the Chinese women’s football team end their losing streak, or will the Japanese women’s football team continue their winning streak?As if to ratchet up the drama, there was more drama before the game.That is at the core of the Chinese women’s team, which is the first scorer, but also the team’s midfield organizer and grasp the best scoring offense king frost, limped off training before the game, although it into the second team list, but the basic lost his chance, everything before the situation seems to be toward the development of the Chinese women’s team will continue to lose.But ShuiQingXia guidance was once a member of the iron roses, are to inherit and carry forward of the spirit of the Chinese women’s team, although she took the Chinese women’s team head coach position of time is not long, but it has brought the Chinese women’s team spirit temperament, there are many positive changes, competition ability in the game full of difficulties,Chinese women’s football team has also achieved the perfect embodiment of this spirit.Plant wood grain son early in the other 19 players score against the Chinese women’s image of adverse circumstances, the Chinese women’s advantage of midfield after adjustment, the adjustment time to two persons, by Richard c.haskelli, for king XiaoYuYi substituted Zhang Linyan, this substitution in less than 2 minutes just received effect, is Wu Chengshu XiaoYuYi assists flank put the ball into the door line,Let the Chinese women’s soccer team cut the score to 1-1.Despite regular playing time, both sides are unable to change the score again, but overtime, and Japanese women’s team take the lead to achieve the goal in the first half, the score still their 19th plant wood grain, however, in very difficult circumstances, the Chinese women’s football to a king, the king of adverse circumstances, the Chinese women’s team is not discouraged, or with their little physical,In the 118th minute of extra time, Wang shanshan took another pass from Zhang Xin and slotted the ball into the Japanese net to tie the score at 2-2 in the 120-minute game.Coach Su kyung-ha also used up all the substitutions in extra time.Although The first Japanese women’s soccer player’s penalty kick was saved by Zhu Yu, Zhang Xin also appeared to directly kick the situation, but zhang Rui, Gao Chen, Yang Lina did not let the opportunity to go, the two sides of the penalty kick 3-3 draw.Then Zhu Yu again jump shot out of the south of China, the appearance of vian, reflected his big heart, she play in the most critical of the Chinese women’s team a penalty, the Chinese women’s team also in the midst of harsh penalties in this regard, the women’s final 4-3 win over Japan, broke into the Asian cup final at the same time, also after six years of Japanese women’s history.Here, let us congratulate the Chinese women’s football team and shui Qingxia coach, this match really let us see what is called sonorous roses.I hope That Wang Shuang can recover from her injury in the shortest time. I hope that The Chinese women’s football team can seize the opportunity that both The Australian and Japanese women’s football teams are eliminated in advance, and defeat the Korean women’s football team in the final, and stride forward to the peak of Asian women’s football team with all its strength.Let’s all say Chinese women’s football YYDS.

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