League of Legends: Share lilia’s new thinking without the lust hunter

Author: NGA-Litost.These two days experiment, electric a platinum goalkeeper section (in fact, the basic row is gold, is the low section), tried five win, may be good luck.The cornerstone runes were chosen as predators for the following reasons: it was easier for gank to beat in the early stages, and it was easier for gank to get to the battlefield or get in and start stacking Q’s in the late stages.The CD becomes very short with the help of the spirit hunter (1 minute in the early stage, 30 or 40 seconds in the late stage, basically available).Because the CD is short, the damage is not low, under normal circumstances can also hit a four-digit output per round.Secondary selection enlightenment, stopwatch to make hourglass faster, astral insight to speed up skill rotation (Lilia wants group play to rely heavily on flash, and the reduction of retribution’s CD allows the player to upgrade retribution to take the vanguard 8 minutes earlier).Loading ways: myths and the vast majority of cases choice lu deng (lily her passive dot makes every skill full Lou CDR, overlay the rune gear speed, 60 will let Lou’s trigger frequency is too high, hit multiple targets a skill you can trigger the two lu deng), opposite in front of a lot of (3) or higher to choose a big mask.The second piece regardless of wind and wind are out of the hourglass, R gold body, W gold body are very practical.Also with the spiritual hunter, the cooldown is as low as 75 seconds.The third astral drive (passive once, so QA triggers directly).Remaining optional items (in order of priority) : Demon’s Arm (Elixir), Ice Staff (all abilities will trigger malicious attacks against pull monsters at the same time), Spell Wear club (everyone now drinks magic knife), Banshee (actual CD is 25s, avoid being taken by a second when there is a strong group opening skill on the other side), big hat (too fat to consider).There will be no greedy Hunter in the next version, it will have no effect on Lilia, the status of other AP brushes will be slightly reduced, the stack will be weakened, lilia should be able to get around T3.Just to give true love players an idea, if you want to score, my advice is not to play Lilia, you need to play AP wild, look at this bright moon she is so fierce.

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