Ming Dynasty Yin and Yang epic exposure, the first season of Prickle skin debut, Lubu mecha retain dynamic cover

Based on the current timeline, it’s a safe bet that players will see four new skins in a month.As a result, according to the leaks, more and more heroes have new skin plans, and in this case, Ming Shi Yin’s new skin is the latest to be revealed.In addition, the season skin of S27 season has been announced, Lv bu is redoing the Doomsday Machine, the latest official is to redo the special effects and other content to present.So, let’s take a look at it briefly.In fact, for the hero Of Ming Shiyin, there is no lack of other qualities except the skin of the brave.Because he currently has three skins, but in terms of quality, it is a companion and two brave, epic, legend and glory collection of high quality skin is currently none.So maybe it is the official feeling that it is time for Ming Shiyin to come out with high-quality skin or other reasons. Anyway, according to the latest Revelations, he, who belongs to “natural equipment”, will usher in new skin behind, and even this skin has been revealed the latest poster.As can be seen from the skin poster, the skin is carried out with the design theme of “Yin and Yang”. The presentation of mingshi hidden in the poster can be said to be very handsome.That said, if this poster is real, the new skin behind Ming Shiyin should be at least epic.Also, even if the poster was conceived by the player, it’s time for the first epic or better skin for Ming Shiyin.Because there is no reason for the official to release the third one in a row when there are two in a row, why should they be separated by other qualities?Lanling king won the season skin S27 new season is about to come this point, I believe that players must be well aware of.So in this case, according to the latest official release, the season skin of S27 season can be confirmed to be given to the “Lanling King” body, and the skin is called the son of Jinting.In addition, the first season skin of the assassin hero has been officially introduced, based on the 20 seasons that have passed since the season skin was acquired by King Lanling.Because in the past 20 seasons, the official arrangement in the season skin above, can be carried out with other positions.Lv Bu doomsday mecha redone completed through the official release not long ago can be drawn, is being redone lv Bu doomsday mecha, is already redone at present.Because in this release, all the core content of the reworked post-Apocalyptic Mecha has been directly announced.From the perspective of the announced reworked post-apocalyptic mecha, the special effects of the skin and other content compared to before the reworked, really is a huge improvement, all aspects can be said to be some of the legendary quality of the skin.There’s no word yet on when the reworked mechades will be available on the server, but since the skins have already been reworked, it’s likely to be available on the server when the new season starts.Also, it is important to know that the dynamic cover of the reworked post-Apocalyptic mecha seen in the official server will not be cancelled, this skin and the dynamic cover of another epic Millennium Fox will be retained.Conclusion The new skin of Ming Shi Hidden, even if the latest revelation of the Yin and Yang poster is not true, but in the new skin above, it is no problem at present.Lanling King of this golden court son, players in the first day of the new season can be free to have.If you are interested in the reworked Mecha of Lui Bu, you can choose to acquire it when the skin is reworked to the official server, because there will be a 20% discount on the skin.Well, that’s all for this time.What do you think of lu bu’s new mecha?Leave a comment below.I’m cousin. You can call me cousin

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