How does it feel to be swallowed by a snake?The man died, feeling his blood drained and his bones crushed

People’s fear of snakes is so ingrained in their DNA that even children who have never seen one are afraid of the first thing they see.For human beings, the most terrible is not only poisonous snakes, but also giant boa constrictors. Many people have imagined the scene of boa constrictors swallowing human beings, and some movies and TV plays have also rendered many pictures of boa constrictors causing disasters, making people more afraid of snakes.The fear of snakes also aggravates the harm to snakes. There is even a saying on the Internet that “if you do not see a snake, you will be punished by three points”.But in fact, snakes are really not that scary. Although many poisonous snakes are deadly, they will not attack people actively. They will only attack people when they are threatened or come near their nest during breeding season.Pythons pose even less of a threat to humans because they can’t tear their prey apart, only eat it whole.This makes the prey of pythons of limited size, under 3 meters is very little threat to adults.But if a boa constrictor is bigger than 3 meters and has the ability to devour humans, what would it feel like to be entangled and swallowed?Don’t worry, someone has actually done this experiment.In 2014, 27-year-old Anaconda Rosoli set out to do an amazing experiment to protect the amazon and its green anacondas: eat them.To film being swallowed alive, Rosoli and his crew searched the rainforest for a snake, and the heavier the snake, the better.With the help of the staff, a 6-meter-long female green anaconda was finally found.I don’t know if you’ve heard the story about a little boy hunting for a snake who would lie on the ground with a dagger in his hand and pretend to be a corpse. When the snake started to devour the boy’s leg, and halfway through, the boy quickly got the dagger in his hand and arm the snake and killed the snake.In fact, this story is written by people who do not understand boa constrictors. The reason is that boa constrictors are not ignorant animals. They can actually sense the heartbeat and breathing of human beings.The muscles of a boa constrictor are so powerful that it will crush the bones of its prey in the process of strangling. After breathing and heart stops, it will release the prey and swallow it from the head or feet.When swallowed, the upper and lower jaws of a boa constrictor can not only open up and down, but also move from side to side, and the mouth can open up to 130 degrees, while humans can only open up to 30 degrees.It then uses the crooked teeth in its mouth to move the prey bit by bit into the stomach.The muscles in the snake’s stomach are also powerful and rubbery. When a large prey enters the snake’s body, the muscles bind the prey to its stomach and wait for the acid to be digested.At this time, even if the human is still alive, even with a dagger, it is difficult to save itself, even the skeleton has been crushed by the python, unable to move.In order to protect her own safety, Rossoli is wearing a protective suit to prevent stomach acid, helmet and oxygen mask, but also wear anti-impact and anti-bite protective suit, everything in place, only green anacondas attack themselves.Swallowing experiment Although the 6-meter-long green anaconda has the ability to attack humans, it rarely attacks people actively. In order to make the green anaconda eat itself, the Green anaconda began to provoke the green anaconda. Finally, the green anaconda was provoked and opened its mouth ready to eat The Green anaconda.But with his head half devoured, Rosoli called for help and gave up the challenge.Later, according to him, his arm was wrapped by green anaconda, because the strangling force was so strong, I felt the blood in my hands seemed to be squeezed dry, bones were broken, when it bit my helmet, I could hear the sound of water flow and gasp, then I realized I had to call to stop.If an anaconda does swallow an Anaconda, even if it is protected by protective clothing, it will easily crush bones in its belly due to muscle contractions. It is very dangerous.However, green anacondas may spit out their prey after ingesting it. This is because after eating, green anacondas become very heavy and difficult to move, which makes them vulnerable to predators.Therefore, when they encounter danger, they will urgently spit out the food, and then flee, but it is very dangerous to spit out the prey in a hurry, the prey’s horns, claws, hooves and other hard objects are likely to scratch the fragile esophagus of the snake, or even cut the stomach of the snake, resulting in injury or even death.To sum up, although snakes are dangerous, many of them will not actively attack human beings. On the contrary, their survival is suppressed by human beings. The population of many species of snakes is declining continuously, and there is even the risk of extinction.Snakes are an important part of the local ecological chain. To protect snakes is to protect the natural ecology. Therefore, when we encounter snakes in our daily life, we just need to stay away from them or call the police to catch them, instead of killing them all.

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