KMT generation succession progress is slow, the new election is difficult to emerge

After many electoral defeats, the KMT’s poll support rating has been low for a long time, especially among young people, and even lower than that of the Taiwan Democratic Party.Actually the kuomintang are saved, from the party central committee, a spokesman for the party, head of cadres, to the party, all see structure gradually younger trend, but in the development of youth participation in politics, hereditary, specified succession is still large, in the case of limited to, most youth in the face of neutral voters before the blue camp, first in the elderly supporters oriented primary was blocked.Lo chih-chiang, director of the office of Yang Zhi runner bucket will stand for the previous year after the Taiwan leadership election defeat, the kuomintang had appeared in the history of the youngest party chairman Johnny Chiang, then restart the “revolutionary practice institute workshops, also let the kuomintang youth ministry launched the” seven horns politics “, to inspire young staff and voters to purpose.However, Jiang Qichen lost the trust of the party before he stood firm, and Eric Chu took over as chairman of the party, but also appointed ling Tao, the youngest chairman of the literary committee, to control the speech system of the Kuomintang.Some of this year’s young fighters, such as Tien Fang Lun, former head of the KMT youth League, Huang Shin-hua, deputy director of the think tank, and Yang Chi-dou, an aide to Law Chi Keung, were among those who participated in the “seven Busts”.However, it is not easy for new appointees in the party to fight for nomination. Compared with the DPP’s nationwide selection, the KMT prioritises the appointment of incumbents. New appointees with no background often have to compete with the “old” and the second generation of hereditary succession for only one or two seats.Some newcomers admitted that incumbent lawmakers already have certain local strength, and it is understandable that the Party central Committee gives priority to incumbents. However, such a system has its advantages and disadvantages, which will inevitably form resistance to the stagnation of the development of blue Camp in local areas.Another newcomer thinks that the preparation period for new candidates to run is longer, but the central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) often sets the rules for the primary election very late, such as the election at the end of this year, but the rules for the primary election have not come out until now, which is inevitably more detrimental to the newcomer.And local voices, hope blue camp push more new people to accelerate the change of blood, although there is a risk, but also can accelerate the kuomintang to expand the war.Party activists, said KMT for youth participation attitude has always been very supportive, youth and reform commission has also proposed under the age of 35, “N + 1” weighting methods, such as encourage youth participation in politics, and blue, and green two party’s primary way are generally at the beginning of the lunar calendar will come out, the key is how to make everybody fair competition, for some young people have enthusiasm in primary failed to pass,The PARTY central Committee will also consider whether there is room for other challenges and coordinate accordingly, but the spirit of encouraging young people to participate in politics will remain.

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