Punch in! Do you know him?The old site of changchun tractor Factory has changed

Let’s see. Do you recognize him?The old site of Changchun tractor Factory has changed!Changchun tractor Factory, founded in 1958, was once the largest wheeled tractor production base in China.Time has changed, and the long drag came to an end in 2006, but many people still remember it as a glorious place.In May 2021, the Project of Changtuo Cultural Industrial Park was launched. The new “Changtuo 1958” aims to create a new living room for jilin’s cultural and commercial travel, a destination for cultural Renaissance and consumption, and an ecological base for international cultural and creative industry.A butterfly change has begun.By the end of 2021, workshop No. 3 in the opening zone will be transformed into a life experience center, where many well-known brands such as chain fast food, coffee shop, hot pot and barbecue restaurant will be settled, as well as the Yanjiyou bookstore, which is popular with young people.This new cultural landmark of Changchun stands out in the reconstruction of the old city, which not only improves the well-being of surrounding residents, but also greatly improves the regional traffic and living environment.Photo by Guan Ruoying

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