“Taiwan independence” or take a bold move, watching the FIRST j-16D patrol Taiwan, just know what is death

In 2022, as the situation across the Taiwan Straits deteriorates and the political situation on the island soliditens, “Taiwan independence” elements may make bold moves, so the PLA fighter jets are dispatched urgently, and the J-16D fighter jets are patrolling Taiwan for the first time. Their powerful combat capability has made them realize that seeking “independence” means death.Zhou Zhihuai, director of the Center for Taiwan and East Asian Studies at East China Normal University, said in an interview that 2022 will be an important historical juncture in the development of cross-Straits relations and the complete reunification of the country.At the present stage, elections on the island and political affairs in Taiwan are intertwined and interactive, which further increases the impact on the peaceful development of cross-Straits relations.If the democratic Progressive Party (DPP) wins the nine-in-one election, the DPP will eventually become a one-party power.Once the political structure of the island is solidifies, the DPP authorities and Taiwan independence activists may take risky and impulsive actions, such as directly publicizing the idea of “Taiwan independence”, which will only lead to the escalation of tensions across the Taiwan Strait.In January 24, Taiwan folk groups claim that will be launched in 2023 the island “referendum” in an all-round way, for the team in Taiwan in the name of “Taiwan” to participate in the 2024 Olympics in Paris, the practice showed that the island’s “Taiwan independence” forces have not meet in secret split action, direct tooling for “Taiwan independence”,It is undoubtedly a provocation to the One-China principle and a challenge to the “red line” drawn by the Chinese mainland.Former Taiwan leader ma ying-jeou, points out that the island’s “Taiwan independence” forces of this kind of behavior is actually does not bring any help to solve the cross-strait differences, this kind of proposal doesn’t make any sense to the Taiwan area, on the contrary will continue to consume patient values of China, and forced China took decisive measures to safeguard China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,Attempts to seek “Taiwan independence” and secession will only harm the ordinary people in Taiwan.As many analysts have said, the so-called “comprehensive referendum” is just another way for Taiwan independence forces and the DEMOCRATIC Progressive Party (DPP) to “seek independence”. The essence of the referendum is to enhance the exposure and popularity of Taiwan in the international community, hoping to internationalize the Taiwan issue.Using the pressure of international public opinion to force The Chinese mainland to make concessions and compromise on the Taiwan issue, so that they can realize the so-called “Taiwan independence” goal.However, this crazy test of the mainland’s “bottom line” on the edge of danger has brought nothing but devastating blows and shocks to the Taiwan region.In the end, the 23 million ordinary people on the island will only become victims of the DEMOCRATIC Progressive Party (DPP) authorities and “Taiwan independence” elements on the island to achieve their own political goals.And the authorities in order to prevent the democratic progressive party (DPP) and the island of a coward, “independence” from some irrational mistakes comments and make some irrational mistakes, China also recently, through a series of military operations to the Taiwan authorities have certain military pressure, for its “brain forced cooling fever”, make the democratic progressive party (DPP) authorities and the island’s “Taiwan independence” molecules to calm down.Taiwan’s Air Force on January 24 issued a report on the PLA’s military aircraft dynamics, saying that 13 PLA military aircraft entered Taiwan’s so-called “Southwest Air Defense Identification Zone”, among which the j-16D new electric fighter is the first fighter formation to patrol the Taiwan Strait.For the sudden appearance of THE J-16D fighter jet, the island is also in an uproar.After all, some time ago, the Y-20 tanker has appeared in the patrol fleet in the Taiwan Strait, and the spokesperson of the Ministry of National Defense also hinted that the J-20 stealth fighter jet will cruise in the Taiwan Strait. Now, the latest J-16D fighter jet has also begun to cruise around Taiwan, which to some extent shows the Chinese mainland’s tough stance and attitude towards the Taiwan issue.In response, Lieutenant General Zhang Yanting, retired deputy commander of Taiwan’s Air Force, said that the J-16D is an ace fighter of the PLA, whose overall combat capability is comparable to the E/A-18G Growler electronic warfare aircraft equipped by the US Navy, and some of its performance may even surpass that of the same type of aircraft of the US navy.This is the first time the PLA has been seen patrolling Taiwan, showing that the PLA is not afraid of the outside world’s ability to collect electronic data on fighter jets.In addition to demonstrating its powerful electronic warfare capability, it also shows that the J-16D has started mass production and is on combat duty.Therefore, Zhang Yanting believes that the Taiwan military in the island should strengthen electronic warfare, and share electronic parameters with the United States and Japan, and develop electromagnetic countermeasures and electromagnetic countermeasures.After all, whoever controls the control of electromagnetic power has the initiative in the battlefield, which will have a key impact on the possible outbreak of a war across the Taiwan Strait in the future.In fact, as early as 2021, the PLA J-16D electronic warfare aircraft has been put into combat training, and it can be found from official reports that the J-16D electronic warfare aircraft is capable of cooperating with the PLA’s most advanced J-20 stealth fighter.As for the combination of J-16D and J-20 stealth fighters, some military experts have directly stated that the two advanced fighters can produce 1+1 > 2 combat effects if they are engaged in joint operations on the battlefield.It is no exaggeration to say that this combination of new fighter jets will be the strongest presence in the Asia-pacific region for a long time in the future. Even the US military, which is no. 1 in the world, cannot underestimate the combination of J-16D + J-20.Therefore, the Taiwan authorities and “Taiwan independence” elements on the island should give up the so-called “independence” and honestly promote the reunification of the two sides of the Taiwan Straits, or they will face a dead end when the PLA takes decisive measures.

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