Che Gu two senior technicians were named “Wuhan craftsmen”

Recently, the Wuhan municipal government announced the list of the second “Wuhan Craftsmen”, and decided to name ma Yaofeng and 20 others as the second “Wuhan Craftsmen”.China Car valley enterprises two senior technicians selected.They are: Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co., LTD. Senior technician Zhu Xianjun, Dongfeng Automobile Group Co., LTD. Technology center senior technician Yang Jun.”Wuhan Craftsman” is the highest honor for skilled talents in Wuhan. It refers to the outstanding high-skilled talents with noble moral character, outstanding skills and skills, outstanding leadership role and outstanding performance contribution who work in the front line of skilled operation. The selection is held every two years, and about 20 people are selected each time.It is reported that the candidates for the second “Wuhan Craftsmen” will be selected from the excellent and highly skilled talents who have the professional qualification or skill level of senior technicians in various social and economic organizations in Wuhan and have been working in the front line of skill operation for a long time, focusing on the leading industries of economic development and positions with high technical skill content.In the selection, from dongfeng Honda senior technician Zhu Xianjun and from dongfeng company technology center senior technician Yang Jun, was named “Wuhan craftsman”.Zhu Xianjun is now the head of the security Department of painting Department 2 of Dongfeng Honda Factory No. 2. He has been dealing with mechanical equipment for 35 years and has established the unique “equipment prevention and security System” of Dongfeng Honda. He is regarded as the “equipment management master” by his colleagues.To ensure the operation rate of coating equipment in dongfeng Honda Factory No. 2 reaches more than 99% (the average level of the industry in this index is 85%), making an important contribution to the capacity climb of Dongfeng Honda.Bring the graph is dongfeng Honda Zhu Xianjun of senior technicians Yang jun is technical center of dongfeng company senior technician, research and development of root engine test line for 27 years, lead the r&d team, engine technologies test problems in practicing listening general fault “psychic”, effectively ensure the smooth production of the domestic independent engine, at the same time created the huge economic benefits,He is a well-deserved “engine doctor”.It is reported that the evaluated personnel will be issued by the People’s government of Wuhan “Wuhan Craftsman” certificate, and given a one-time award of 300,000 yuan.In addition, we will set up city-level skill master studios in our personal name, and give priority to recommending and applying national and provincial skill master studio construction projects.”Wuhan craftsmen” who have not obtained senior professional titles can also directly apply to participate in the evaluation of senior professional titles, and will be given priority to participate in skills exchange and training activities at home and abroad.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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