Idiom Stories Through the Prism (Episode 730)

This idiom story comes from Zhuangzi · Autumn Water: “Peeping into the sky with a tube and pointing at the ground with a cone, isn’t it also small?”Peeping into the sky is a metaphor for a narrow or one-sided view of things.Zhuang Zi, surname Zhuang, given name Zhou, styled Zi Xiu.He was a famous thinker, philosopher and litterateur in the middle of the Warring States Period.He founded zhuang Xue, an important school of Chinese philosophy, and was one of the main representatives of Taoist school after Lao Zi.This idiom comes from observation to day zhuangzi · autumn waters “gong was in talks with taka seeks, wei seeks to Sun Long said: you should use the method of constrained sets out to explore the secret of the things, with debate the true meaning of words to ask for it, it’s just you use bamboo tubes to peep lofty sky, with the awl to measure the broad land, you not is seems too small!Learn an idiom every day story, read history wise, long knowledge.Stay up late cost light, code word is not easy, please add a reader attention!Please put forward valuable suggestions!Find typos please leave a message in the comment section or send a private message to me!

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