It’s off. What do we do?Learn to read a book to learn chess: the gun on the gun layout 35 set

I am reading and learning chess, an ordinary Chinese chess fan.In recent months, I have been trying to learn the placement of the intermediate gun.Learned a lot of spectrum, actual combat, opponents do not go according to the spectrum, how to do?This depends on our judgment of the situation, the understanding of the positive spectrum.After taking off the spectrum, we will take it easy, which shows that our chess ability really improved.In short time, comprehensive chess ability can not be greatly improved.I’m going to learn the changes that don’t have a spectrum into a spectrum, which is another way of learning, primitive though it is, it works.There was no road on earth, but when many people traveled, there was a road.3 minutes to learn the layout, today to learn the gun gun layout 35 sets: gun straight car to shun the gun slow drive two snakes, is the black side of the non positive change.Ben doesn’t have a spectrum, but after I study, I have a spectrum.Click on the link to the gun layout of the 35th set to see the video in the gun straight car to the gun slow driving the basic formation 1.Two guns level five guns level eight 52. Two horses level three horses level eight 73.35. The change of the order of the horse’s eight moves and seven moves can form the abnormal change of the two snakes driving slowly with the gun.Medium gun straight vehicle to smooth gun slow start two snakes abnormal basic formation 1. Gun 2 flat 5 flat 8 5 2.Horse two into three horse 8 into 7 3. Che yi ping two pawn 7 into 1 4. Horse eight into seven m pawn 3 into 1 red how to deal with it?River cruiser a trick against the enemy!5. Chariot 2 into 4 vehicles 9 flat 8 6. Chariot 2 flat 6 horses 7 into 6 7.Vehicle 6 levelled with 4 guns scored 2 points 8. Pawn 7 levelled with 1 gun scored 5 points 60. Vehicle 4 levelled with 5 pawns scored 3 points 10.Tank 5 level 7 elephant 3 score 5 11. Gun 5 score 4 warrior 6 score 5 12. Gun 5 retreat 1 red advantage black cross vehicle suppress red retreat medium gun drive bomb elephant 6.Vehicle 2 levelled 6 levelled 8 mm 7. Pawn 3 levelled 1 mm 8 levelled 7 8.Gun 5 level 3 vehicle 7 level 6 10. Vehicle 6 level 3 Horse 7 advanced 6 11. Horse 3 retreat 5 vehicle 6 advanced 2 12.Gun 3 mm 8 mm 6 mm 5 13. Gun 3 mm 1 mm 5 mm 6 14. Vehicle 3 mm 5 mm 5 mm 5 mm 6 15.Che SAN ping 4 guns 6 guns 6 17. Gun 8 guns 4 red advantage.Black car across the river and then invite red car to avoid crossing the river to catch the gun big son eighth round, black car: 8.10. Gun 5, gun 3, gun 7, gun 2, 11.12. Vehicle 6 level 7 red more than 1, winning situation.Round 10, black rook does not escape, catch: 10. Gun 5 flat 3 men 4 into 5 m 11.12. The red side will still get 1 son, winning the game.In round 9, black cannons 9. Black cannons 6, 3, 2, 1 m 10.7. 12. 8 guns, 7 vehicles, 4 guns, 2 13.Phase 3 mm 5 vehicles 4 mm 14. Vehicle 9 mm 8 guns 1 mm 4 15. Front vehicle 7 mm 7 horses 5 16.Car seven flat six black to understand kill, car to lose, crash.Summary In the gun straight car against the gun slow driving two snakes, this is the black side of the non – positive change.Ben has no spectrum, after learning, there is a spectrum.The point is that red cars patrol the river, waiting for an opportunity.Static soldiers can live horses, into the river to catch guns.Thank you for watching, retweeting and liking.Good bye!This article by reading the original chess, welcome to pay attention to, take you with long knowledge.

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