King of Glory: Share a li Yuanfang shooter costume

The author:NGA – ryukyu and sandbags CD high flow through the current Li Yuanfang ~ first of all be shoes, against shoes the attack rate almost a feeling, damage is also almost, I used to out of the middle and later the feeling is almost hurt, people always residual blood ran, attack rate shoes also almost, oneself have no CD, crisper and universal sex is a bit ~ this CD shoes, two and three skills CD go up now.Especially two skills CD can make their fault tolerance rate a lot of high, with flash, not the top really won’t die!Not out of the dawn, because Li Yuanfang feel attack speed is not useful, broken star hammer has magic effect!A skill and three skills more pain, general archer out of the three skills, no dart, most can only scraping and deceleration, with the broken star, big recruit scraping more pain did not hang dart, brittle skin can also blow dead or two-thirds of the blood!Add CD shoes, 15 seconds a big move, big move almost only 10 seconds, very fast ~!High penetration. You won’t escape with blood in a fight.Finally change clothes, can not sell CD shoes is the key, can only sell the bow of the day to change the name knife or resurrection armor, do not sell CD shoes to remember this set I also look at others, their own discovery is particularly good, we are interested in trying.

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