Nubia Z40 Pro Image parameter Exposure debut SONY IMX787 flagship lens base nearly 1 inch

Following the recent official announcement of @Nubia mobile phone # Nubia Z40Pro# will reduce the image distortion by 35%, increase the amount of light into the lens by 80%, increase the rate of the whole scene by 70%, increase the rate of the whole scene by 70% and other preheating information, and the machine will be the first customized optical lens in the industry, 35mm cultural lens,With the news of creating a master-class shooting experience, we can be sure that this will be a flagship model with no problem focusing on video experience.But digital bloggers have recently re-exposed the parameters of the plane, confirming this judgment.Recently, digital blogger @Panda Very Bare revealed that The Nubia Z40 Pro will be the world’s first SONY IMX787 flagship sensor, the sensor has 1/1.3± inch bottom, 50 million pixels, F1.6 aperture, but also equipped with the industry’s first custom 35mm master focal lens.This also and before the official announcement of a lot of warm-up information phase confirm.OIS optical stabilization and full pixel focus will also be available, which means that the video experience will be one of the highlights of the camera.In addition, recently, some net users also revealed the performance of a ZTE NX701J new Nubia phone on GeekBench5. According to the information, the machine is likely to be the previously announced Nubia Z40 Pro.According to the running score screenshots on GeekBench5, the single-core performance is up to 1228 points, and the multi-core performance is up to 3379 points, which is the leader among the new Snapdragon 8 models.According to the information in the running score screenshot, the memory of the machine is 14.80GB, and the machine will have 16GB of operational storage.In addition, according to the official announcement, in order to maximize the performance advantages of the chip, Nubia Z40 Pro is also equipped with a powerful cooling system, the first aerospace grade cooling new material, known as “Dragon Master”.Before the Spring Festival, it was also confirmed by ZTE Lu Qian Hao on weibo.At that time, it revealed on weibo that it tested the game performance of the Nubia Z40, and in the room temperature of 25℃, the Z40 ran The Original God at full speed, and the phone actually felt slightly cool, very comfortable.According to the preheating information announced earlier, the machine will appear in this month, interested partners may wish to look forward to, this model has a flagship processor, top image performance and heat dissipation performance of the model more preheating information published!

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