Sealand securities public offering big set continued layout, sealand Ann ying bonds new appearance

Since the issuance of the new rules on capital management, rigid payment has faded out of the historical stage. In the face of the realistic environment where the return rate of fixed income wealth management continues to decline and equity products are highly volatile, investors increasingly hope to find financial products with low volatility and relatively reasonable returns.In this context, fixed income + products with relatively small net value fluctuations but able to obtain appropriate income elasticity have been popular in the market. According to Wind data, in 2021, about 387 “fixed income +” products (statistical types include mixed bond type 1, mixed bond type 2 and partial debt hybrid funds) will be established in the whole market.About 531.5 billion copies were issued, a record high for both the number and share of new releases.The “Sealand Securities Annying Bond Type Aggregate Asset Management Plan” (hereinafter referred to as “SEALand Annying Bonds”) under SEALand Asset Management is open for subscription from April 8, 2022.It is understood that the haian company bond is a location relatively low volatility “solid +” products, products are more than 80% of the fund is in relatively small fluctuations of fixed assets, no more than 5% positions appropriate participation rights and interests of such assets investment, with relatively low volatility, and with proper elasticity portfolio returns, strives to provide investors with “seek improvement in stability” asset allocation choices,Improve customer’s investment experience.The relevant person in charge of the national sea asset management said that the national Sea Ann ying bond is from the original “National Sea Gold shell 9 (bond enhancement) set asset management plan” change.Sea Gold Shell 9 (Bond enhancement) collective asset management plan was established in May 2013. Since its establishment, the product has maintained stable operation and passed through several rounds of bull and bear cycles in the bond market. Before the transformation, it has accumulated more than 2000 dividends for customers, which is a product recognized by cooperation channels.After the completion of the renovation, the bond haian company positioning for a relatively low volatility “solid +” products, in product strategy will categories of asset allocation as the core, combined with monetary market, capital market and economic development trends, in the money market instruments, interest rate debt, credit debt, debt between futures, stock assets such as flexible configuration, determine the various types of assets and the proportion of investment strategy,Build a risk-return balanced portfolio.According to the risk-return characteristics of the product, the portfolio will be mainly allocated with fixed income assets. Meanwhile, relying on the rich investment experience and excellent risk control ability, the portfolio returns will be increased on the basis of controlling the withdrawal risk of the portfolio, and strive to obtain sustainable and stable returns.Why China sea Ann ying bonds at this point open subscription?”On the one hand, the bond market has undergone a small adjustment, the recent outbreak of the epidemic and the release of overseas regional risks, the domestic steady growth expectations gradually strengthened, the continuation of the broad monetary policy, is a good window for the accumulation of coupon cushion;On the other hand, the equity and convertible bond market has undergone a sharp correction since the beginning of this year, and the valuation has entered a reasonable range. Many companies have good investment value.It is understood that in terms of the investment strategy of the product, in order to improve the holding experience of customers, some safety cushions will be accumulated in the initial stage of the product position before the gradual establishment of trading assets.In terms of bond investment, as the overall yield of interest rate bond is in a low position this year, the space for large cycle operation is limited, so the bond investment of fixed income + portfolio is mainly concentrated on credit bond investment.The products are mainly high-grade, medium and short duration credit debt, striving to obtain stable and predictable coupon returns, and choosing the opportunity to participate in some high certainty interest rate band.In terms of convertible bond investment, we should explore the investment opportunities of convertible bonds from bottom to top, gradually build positions according to the safety cushion, and purchase the convertible bonds with reliable credit, bright fundamentals and quality when the full price is low, and strive to gain gains from the rise of the underlying stocks or the increase of the valuation of convertible bonds under the premise of limited downside risks.In terms of stock investment, it closely focuses on the product positioning of stable fixed income + with low volatility, closely combines top-down with bottom-up, and comprehensively considers different dimensions such as growth prospects, corporate governance, core competition barriers and valuation levels to select targets.We insist on “sustainable absolute return” as the overall strategic development direction, and continue to improve the strategic development ability and executive ability in product investment, establish a “moat”, on the basis of research-driven, to maximize customer interests, and on this premise,To realize the joint growth of high-quality investment and research capacity, management scale and operating income.In order to launch this “fixed income +” participate in the public collection of products, guohai capital management has poured a lot of investment and research energy, the product has been fully demonstrated, the investment manager has been carefully selected.This time, the fixed income headquarters of The State and Overseas Asset management unified allocation of resources to arrange the investment of The State and Overseas Asset Management bonds, effectively solving the “fixed income +” investment prone to fixed income part of the investment and “+” part of the investment, the lack of coordination, while improving the “fixed income +” strategy of unified asset allocation refinement and effectiveness.This “fixed income +” product is not only another heavyweight product for Sealand securities to participate in the public transformation, but also an important step for Sealand Securities to enrich product types and lay out the public offering product line.Previously, Sealand securities has six months rolling holding bond aggregate asset management plan, sealand securities quantitative preferred one-year holding period stock aggregate asset management plan two large collection products to complete the public fundraising transformation.With the outstanding growth of active management, The collection products of SGC have won the “2021 China Securities Industry Quantitative Asset Management Plan Junding Award”, “2021 China Securities Industry Fixed Asset Management Plan Junding Award”, the “2021 China Golden Tripod Award best equity products” of the Daily Economic News.China Fund News “2021 China best Brokerage Asset Management Innovation Product Award” and other industry awards.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address:

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