Shandong Energy Yankuang Energy Iron Transportation Department to strengthen coal transportation

During the Spring Festival, the railway transportation Department of Yankuang Energy actively implemented the instructions of the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government and Shandong Energy Group on stabilizing coal production, supply and price during the Spring Festival, made detailed transportation plans during the Spring Festival, went to work normally during holidays and worked hard on the production and transportation lines with full enthusiasm.It is understood that the railway transportation department is responsible for coal supply and transportation of the main mine of Yankuang Energy and heze, Shaanxi and Mongolia.During the Spring Festival, the safe and efficient transportation of coal is an important part of the stable supply of heat supply and electricity, which is related to the overall situation of social development and the vital interests of the people.Shandong Energy in addition to railway transport, scientific planning of locomotive, ship, car resources, timely docking please loading plan, to ensure that the railway transport capacity to key power plants to tilt, please please, please must be off, should be fully loaded, to ensure the province’s economic and social stability and people’s warm winter, peaceful holidays.(Source: Consumer Daily)

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