The four Surnames that have influenced the history of Anhui Are yours?

Anhui is an important province in East China, with a permanent population of 61.03 million. The top 10 surnames are Wang, Zhang, Li, Liu, Chen, Yang, Wu, Xu, Zhou and Zhu.Do you know which surnames have the greatest influence on the development of Anhui history?Let’s take a look at four of them: Zhu: Zhu was the national surname of the Ming Dynasty, and Zhu Yuanzhang was born in Fengyang County, Anhui Province. In addition, The population of Zhu ranks 10th in Anhui Province, and has an important influence on the historical development of Anhui province.The historical celebrities of zhu’s surname mainly include: Zhu Yuanzhang, Zhu Wen, Zhu Di, etc.Family name Cao: The family name Cao has a small population in Anhui, but the family name Cao has a great influence in Anhui in history. Led by the father and son Cao, the family name Cao became one of the most famous family names in The Three Kingdoms Period.Cao’s name includes Cao Cao, Cao PI, Cao Zhi, Cao Hong and so on.Li: Li is the third most populous family name in Anhui and the second most populous family name in China. It is widely distributed in Anhui province.Li Hongzhang, a famous figure in the late Qing Dynasty, was also the leader of the Westernization Movement.Wang: Wang is the most populous family name in China and Anhui province. It is widely distributed in Anhui Province.However, it is a pity that Wang does not have too many footprints in Anhui. There are not many historical celebrities with wang’s surname, whether they made contributions to Anhui or were born in Anhui, and Wang Jiaxiang is one of them.Besides the above four surnames, liu, Zhang and Wu all have some influence in Anhui.Do you know which other surnames are influential in Anhui?Feel free to leave a comment.

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